2004 Golden Acorn Awards

2004 Golden Acorn Awards

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The 2004 Golden Acorn Awards was the most wide open we've had yet! There was heavy contention for most categories, and the talent level again rose to the occasion we've come to expect from this select community. Kevin Sharbaugh took home the lion's share of awards in the written categories, though plenty of newcomers made their mark. Jon Lemerond and NN took most of the artistic awards, and Jon in partiuclar contributed to making the awards night special. Tanka was the runaway winner in the website categories, and well deserved.

In the all-time best categories, the Rangerphiles showed their appreciation for the works of Chris Fischer and Mike Demcio. Also, Indy and Chris Silva re-emerged in the story categories. Finally, Ray Jones received due recognition for his contributions to the community with the Lifetime Achievement award.

The Ceremony is broken into links for each presentation and break. Click on the one you want to see and use the "back" key to return to this page:

Opening and Break One
Emcee's Welcome and Best Website
Best Website Maintainer
Best Website Content
Best Website Layout
Most Informative Website
Best Original Website Section
Outstanding Website Achievement
Break Two
Best Artwork
Best Artist
Best Color Image (Flat)
Best Color Image (Rendered)
Best Black and White Image (Greyscale)
Best Portrait of a Ranger
Best Illustration Inspired by a Fanfic
Best Original Costuming
Best Animation

Best Story
Best Author
Most Improved Author
Best Comedy
Best Action-Adventure
Best Drama
Best Romance
Best Mystery-Thriller
Best Short Story
Best Narrative Description
Best Original Male Character
Best Original Female Character
Break Three
Best Original Villain
Best Character Interaction
Best Characterization of the Rangers
Best Use of a One Shot Series Character
Best Use of a Recurring Series Character
Best Verse
Best Poet
Best Poetic Imagery
Best Satire
Best Song Parody
Break Four

Most Helpful
Special Mention
Biggest Nutcase
Most Prolific
Best Caption
Best All-Time Website
Best All-Time Artist
Best All-Time Artwork
Best All-Time Author
Best All-Time Fanfic
Rookie of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Break Five


Highlights from the 2004 Golden Acorn Awards: Click on thumbnails to see the full-size image