::KS walks out onto the stage and takes his place at the podium. With a low and controlled voice he begins::

KS: Good evening.  Tonight we bring you a tale of murder... or we would if I were Alfred Hitchcock, which I am not...


::KS continues with his normal voice::


KS: So instead we'll bring you the Award for Most Informative Web Site. It takes more than simply having facts for a website to be informative; it must provide the information in a manner that encourages the visitor to learn more, to continue the voyage of discovery. Among the websites that have best exemplified this quality for 2004 are:

"Tanka's CDRR Mistakes and Trivia", maintained by Tanka,
"The (Reborn) RR Database", rebuilt by Winston,
"The Russian CDRR Portal", courtesy of Alex,
"The Acorn Cafe Guest Map", brought to us by Pupspals and
"The Acorn Cafe", provided by Steven Clouse, Indy and a cast of
*thousands*... of posts

KS: Without further ado, the envelope...

::KS reaches into the coat of his tux to produce the envelope containing the recipient's identity.  In short order, Drywall's head pops out of the author's prodigious beard and peers in the direction of the hidden pocket::

Drywall: Ooooh!

::The inquisitive weasel hops out of the facial hair and disappears into the tux. KS removes his glasses and rubs his eyes in frustration::

KS: If an anthropomorphic weasel jumps out of your beard during an awards ceremony, you might be a redneck Rangerphile

::The audience laughs and KS returns his glasses to their place upon his face. He continues by opening the sealed envelope::

KS: The award for this years Most Informative Website goes to...you guessed it, Tanka!


::Tanka runs up on stage this time::


Tanka: Hello! You won't believe but it's me again. :)

::More laughter, and Tanka is intensely looking for the third hand to take her third award::

Tanka: To say the truth I'm absolutely happy. :) I couldn't even dream about getting three awards at a time. Now I can achieve my next dream and visit penguins in Antarctica!

::A group of penguins, seated with Canina La Fur, wave at the recognition::


Tanka: Fortunately there is a person who has volunteered to take care of the section for the next year. I'm talking about SVZ who will do all the routine work (so I'll have only to translate and update).

::SVZ stands up and waves his hand in the lights. Tanka arms up her award with the others and merrily runs offstage, KS right behind her in case she drops one::

KS: Somebody get me my beard trimmer, I don't care how cold it is out!


::Drywall appears on top of the podium, looking at everyone, then disappears again quick as a wink::