::A tall and shapely grey squirrel sashays onto the stage, her scarlet dress fitting a little tighter than it probably should. The black hair, being cropped close to her head, seems to exaggerate both her height and curves. As she traverses the distance to the podium her gaze catches that of a cute guy, so she gives him a wink. Once at the podium, she seductively breathes her first words...::

Collette: Hello, boys.

::A rousing cheer goes up from the young unattached males in the audience::

Collette: For those that don't know, I'm the 'sly and shapely Collette' our main munks used to fight over before they met Clarice...

::The pretty presenter is suddenly cut off by cheers from the chipmunk femme's fanclub... constituted primarily by CD. Though visibly displeased by not being the center of attention by even such a small constituency of the males, the temptress returns her focus to the presentation::

Collette: I believe Dale mentioned me in "The Wandering Feather"... Oh wait...


::She looks mischievously at Dale, with Foxglove sitting beside him::


Collette: Actually, he was thinking of me while on a moonlit walk with Foxglove.

::Foxglove begins to glare at the startled chipmunk::

Dale: Uh... Foxy, it's not what it sounds like...

::Content that Dale could very well be 'available' soon, Collette moves on. Though teleprompters are available in discreet locations, the scarlet squirrel has her own ideas of how to make a presentation. Slowly dipping her fingers into the front of her dress she removes a folded sheet of paper, much to the delight of many males present. Unfolding the article, she proceeds to read::

Collette: The award for 'Best Website Layout' goes to the person whose website shows a level of creative organization and thought that makes the site both informative and a pleasure to visit, making it a preferred stop on the information superhighway. The nominees for 2004 are:

Tanka's CDRR Mistakes and Trivia, courtesy of Tanka,
Indy's Ranger Museum, provided by Indy,
The World Association of Montyphiles, or "WAM", maintained by Jeff Parks,
The 'Reborn' RR Database, resurrected by Winston and
The Russian CDRR Portal, provided by Alex

::Hearing the word 'portal', Drywall the weasel just couldn't help wanting to investigate, and promptly emerged from his most recent exploration... the podium right in front of Collette::

Drywall: Portal?  Where?

::Witnessing a carnivore suddenly appear in her face, Collette did what came naturally for her by closing her eyes and...::

Collette [screaming]: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

::Terrified by the sudden onslaught of noise in front of him, Drywall, in turn, screams in fright and immediately flees the stage. Collette, visibly shaken, looks about in a blank manner for a few moments before remembering what she was supposed to be doing::

Collette: Um... oh, uh... right.

::Taking the envelope, she opens it and fulfills her duty::

Collette: And that winner is...Alex for the Russian CDRR Portal! Oh, he’s not here tonight, but sends his best to everyone.


::Collette blows kisses to the guys as she slowly walks offstage. Dale’s face is blaring crimson, and Foxglove appears ready to use him for a doormat::