::With a flutter of wings, Foxglove comes out to the cheers of all the Foxyphiles::

Foxy: Good evening, cuties!


::The guys all whoop it up, and Foxy blushes::

Foxy: I’m presenting the award for Best Use of a One-Shot Series Character. That’s characters like me, who were only in one episode. It’s great to be remembered and appreciated, especially when you only had one chance to be. And don’t even get me started about the bat barrier in Hollywood!


::Scattered boos in the audience reflect the common sentiment::

Foxy: Anyway, here’s tonight’s nominees…


Tammy in “Dividing the Emptiness”, Winston

Desiree in “Redemption”, BW

Tammy in “Dale the Detective: Case of the Nabbed Necklace”, Indy and Chris Silva

Tammy's mother in “Keep it under your hat”, KS


::Foxy’s uncle, Bedivere, brings her the envelope::

Foxy: Thanks, unc. Now, tonight’s winner is…Winston!


Winston (sighing): This grows tiresome.

::Winston ascends the stage::

Winston: Sorry again... This woulda been an especially nice one to see go to someone who might have wanted it, too...


::Winston walks back to his seat looking troubled::


Dr. Indy: Okay, part four!


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