::An odd man comes out on stage, his head shaped like an egg, followed by a stolid-looking butler. It’s Mr. Dumpty, collector of eggs of all varieties, from “Three Men and a Booby”::


Dumpty: I’m egg-static to be here again with all of you. The antics of the Rangers just crack me up!


::Dumpty waited for some laughter but got none::

Dumpty: Well, egg humor is an acquired taste. Now, I am here to deliver the award for Best Website Content. The nominees are:


“Tanka's CDRR Mistakes and Trivia”, Tanka

“The (Reborn) RR Database”, Winston 2

“Russian CDRR Portal, Alex

“The World Association of Montyphiles (WAM)”, Jeff Parkes

“The Rescue Ranger Calendar”, Ray Jones 2


Dumpty: The envelope, please…


::A stagehand delivers the envelope, which Dumpty gives to his butler to open. The butler hands the opened card back to him::


Dumpty: Well, talk about double-yolks. There’s two winners, Tanka and Alex! The note here says that Alex could not be here tonight, so we will ship his award to him.


::Tanka stands again, coming up on stage amid the cheers of the audience::


Tanka: Oh, me again?! You know 13 years ago I argued with my friend about what color
Lahwhinie's beads were. She said they were yellow and I insisted they were violet. Fortunately two years later the show was repeated and I recorded the episode. She was right: the beads were yellow. But I was right too as they used to turn violet from time to time.


::Lahwhinie squirms in the audience, muttering something about “shoddy workmanship”::


Tanka: I started to watch the show more attentively and noticed that some things tended to disappear and reappear on their own. When I met other CDRR fans 1.5 years ago I was so inspired that I decided to collect all the mistakes in the show. But I never thought there were so many! So I can promise that next year you'll see more mistakes. They really seem endless. :)

::Tanka waves with the statues in both her hands and leaves the stage. Mr. Dumpty calls in his egg-shaped cell phone, ordering an egg salad and eggs grenadine to be delivered to his dressing room::