::Special FX lightning flashes and from the podium, Dale slowly arises, holding a flashlight pointed upwards::

Dale: It was dark and stormy night…then the werewolves came! And the zombies! And the claw monsters! It was horrible!


::The audience smiled at Dale’s antics, then the lightning quit and he turned off his flashlight::

Dale: A scary story, or at least some scary moments can be a good part of a mystery/thriller story. Just last week, Chip an’ me solved a case with a real scary moment—someone had allowed a whole gallon of chocolate ice cream to melt! Agony!


Chip (from the audience): DALE!


Dale: Aw, all right. The nominees for the Best Mystery/Thriller are:


“Lost Rangers”, UrthQuake

“Gadget Until Proven Innocent”, Morgan K.

“Dale the Detective: Case of the Nabbed Necklace”, Indy and Chris Silva

“Gadget's Quest”, Kevin Sharbaugh


::Dale catches the envelope, thrown by Monty from stage left::

Dale: And now, the winner is…Urthquake, for “Lost Rangers”! Uh, they tell me that Urthquake’s not here tonight, but never fear! We’ll make sure he gets a tape of this and all, and we’ll send his award out via secured mail! Uh, the postage on that’s not too much, is it?


::Dale waves to the crowd, taking the award with him::