::A buzzing sound is heard, then the audience looks around in confusion, wondering when the next presentation will begin. Then the big screen behind the podium reads, <b>Look near the microphone. Zoom in, cameraman!</b>


The camera does so, revealing that Zipper is there. He’s got a tiny electronic chip attached to him. Zipper points to the chip, then to the big screen. <b>Gadget invented this device to allow everyone to understand me. Whatever I say it’s printed on the screen up above me</b>.


The crowd gasps in pleased amazement and Zipper continues::

Zipper: <b>Tonight, I have the honor to present the award for Best Short Story. Being short myself, I can say from experience that good things come in small packages. A story’s size doesn’t necessarily define its worth. Now, for this year’s nominees…</b>


::The big screen switches to the nominees list::

“Dale the Detective: Case of the Nabbed Necklace”, Indy and Chris Silva

“Keep it Under Your Hat”, Kevin Sharbaugh


Zipper: <b>The envelope please</b>


::Monty brings out the envelope, which proves too big for Zipper. The Aussie tears it open for his insect companion and Zipper reads it::

Zipper: <b> The winner is Indy and Chris Silva, for “Dale the Detective”!</b>


:Indy and Chris come up on stage, waving to the crowd as they are joined by Dale while the orchestra plays the theme from "Dragnet". They reach the podium together and Chris steps up to the microphone::


Chris: I can't believe it won.


::The crowd laughs, amused::


Indy: Well, I can. Chris and I had a fun time writing this story, and we find that it's the shorter ones that tend to be our funniest. Right, Chris?


Chris: I can't believe it won...


::The crowd laughs again::


Dale: Glad you liked it, everybody! I'm trying to talk 'em into doing a sequel! "Dale the

Detective: Case of the Missing Paintbrush"!


Indy: We're still thinking that one over.


Chris: I can't believe it won...


::Indy and Chris wave to the crowd as Indy escorts his amazed colleague off. Dale blows kisses to the crowd, following them off. Zipper buzzes, and the big screen says, <b>Thanks, everyone. And when I find the guy responsible for not giving me a voice, he is in such hot water!</b>::