::Clarice comes on stage and is accompanied by the classic Chip & Dale theme. She throws kisses at the audience, especially two certain chipmunks in tuxedos. She takes the microphone and struts over the stage::


Clarice: Welcome people to the Golden Acorn Awards and the Best Original Female award in particular. Be forewarned that my speechwriter has been busy with the Chip and Dale DVD lately and as a result has trouble sticking to just one language. <i>Zo is 't leven. Ik ben Clara en doe de Meest Originele Vrouw presentatie vanavond</i>.


Subtitle: <i>Such is life. I am Clarice and will do the Most Original Frau presentation tonight</i>.


::Clarice blinks as she reads the subtitle on the screen of display next to the stand.::


Clarice: They got Best Original Female totally wrong. They must have recruited a refused EU interpreter who goes by sound too much. Oh, <i>c'est terrible</i>!


Subtitle: </i>It's horrible! Look at the size of that thing! Run, it's Godzilla! It is, but due to international copyrights it isn't</i>.


Clarice: Monotonous Japanese executives at their worst, ugh! Could someone give this translator his previous job back? Won't somebody save this damsel in distress?


CD: <i>Du habst keine angst zu haben</i>!


::There's a scuffle below the stage because of CD trying to ascend the podium. Two guards are trying to hold him back.::


CD: Let me past! You don't want to rile me up! Get you mitts away from there! Clarice!


Clarice: Don't hurt him too much boys. He's just the victim of pheromones, usually referred to as Magical Female Powers™ here, another ingredient in the ideal dream girl. Oh, if only professor Utonium could get his hands on some of that…


::A loud clucking screech is heard and the two guards are turned into chicks. CD smiles as he puts away a pencil and notepad.::


CD: The things you can get away with writing...


::He climbs up the stage and puts an arm around Clarice's waist and takes her free hand.::


CD: Finally together!


Clarice: <i>Schattig, maar ik heb nu een presentatie te doen. Mischien later spetter</i>.


Subtitle: <i>Cute, but I have an present to do. Maybe later spat</i>.


CD: That should mean 'maybe later hunk'. We could do it together you know. With your Magical Female Powers and my unlimited writing influence we'd be unstoppable.


Clarice: This presentation is for ladies, so you hardly fit in.


CD: <i>Si niña, buenos fortuna</i>.


Clarice: Anyways, this award goes to the most entertaining, heart-beat accelerating, and developed female of the year.


::She takes the envelope and opens it. She unfolds the card and speaks.::


Clarice: <i>And this year it's</i>…


Subtitle: <i>Wir haben est nich gewust</i>!


Clarice: Amanda Hawkfeather, from “Gadget’s Quest”!


::There was a healthy round of applause for the recipient whom everyone assumed would soon arrive on the stage. However, as the seconds passed there was an increasing murmur among the audience concerning her apparent absence. In time, Gadget hopped up on stage and took the podium::

Gadget: Sorry, I guess Mom is taking longer in the little mousette's room than she planned so I suppose I...

::Gadget is soon distracted by something just off stage::

Gadget: Oh, scratch that, here she is!

::Off to where Gadget's attention had been draw Amanda Hawkfeather, who was her mother in "Gadget's Quest", came jogging into view wearing a crystal blue dress that matched her eyes and, when taken against her brown fur and black yet greying hair, seemed to glow.  As she neared the podium she was greeted polite applause.  Standing back and to the side, Gadget ceded the spotlight to her 'long-lost' mother::

Amanda: Sorry 'bout that, the dryer in the restroom was making a funny noise so I figured no one would mind if I...

::Realizing she was gesturing absently with the wrench, Amanda stowed the tool out of sight with a slight blush::

Amanda: Anyhow, this is a great honor... though it doesn't quite compare to having the children that I do!  In that sense I guess I should be happy that so many consider me a worthy candidate to be Gadget's mother, even if I did miss nearly her entire childhood.  I look forward to having the chance to make that up to her in some future stories.  Many nya:wehs to all of you for
this award and especially for keeping my girl and her friends alive and well in your stories, artwork, and hearts!

::As mother and daughter proceed to leave the stage to the applause of the audience, Amanda licks her thumb and dutifully wipes a smudge from Gadget's cheek, causing the girl to fidget in protest. CD meanwhile has his attention in entirely another direction::


CD: So do you have time for me now Clarice?


Clarice: There's still a long ceremony to go.


CD: (very deep voice) <i>Du hast keine angst zu haben. Ich wert ist nich beruhren. Das habt ich Ahornchen und Behornchen versprochen</i>.


Subtitle: !? <i>Would you trust this guy</i>?


::The two chick guards flutter up to CD and peck at his feet, giving Clarice an opportunity to get away from her loyal fan.::