::All the Rangers come out on stage, gathering at the podium::

Chip: Now we’d like to award the Golden Acorn for Special Mention.


Gadget: This award provides the opportunity to give recognition to someone in the community who’s done something worthy of public acclaim over the last year.


Dale: And somebody who exemplifies all that being a Ranger and a Ranger fan’s about!


Monty: Too right. Now, let’s see who our nominees are…


Joseph Sturch, for working on the sequel to DOAC (and a parallel story) while on duty in Iraq

Stephen Clouse, for preparing a new Café

Pupspals, for her Guest Map

Winston, for reviving the RR Database

Lotacats, for her constant and excellent artwork


::Foxglove receives the envelope::

Foxy: Now, the Special Mention winner is…Joseph Sturch!


::Tammy comes out, dresses in military fatigues::

Tammy: Joseph couldn’t be here tonight, but we have someone who’d like to accept the award on his behalf. Ladies and gentlemen, The J.A.M.!


::Dale pulls out a Mexican flag::



::Suddenly everyone gasps when, instead of seeing and hearing a calm and subdued recipient stand and go up the stage, the entire auditorium is suddenly filled with a familiar





::And sure enough, a familiar jaguar jumps from his seat and dashes up to the stage, startling the Rangers, as well as the entire audience::




::Finally, his fangs stopped flashing, but he keeps smiling::


The JAM:  Heh, surprised you all there, didn’t I?


::The audience continues to murmur::


The JAM: I know, I know, Mr. Sturch won this, and there’s no way I could ever win the Special Mention; I’m actually here to accept this on his behalf. As you all know, he’s currently in Babylon—I mean, Iraq—serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, doing his best to make this world safer, even if it is just a little bit.


::The audience clapped at that, but as always, there were some boos in there as well::


The JAM: I first talked to Mr. Sturch when he contacted me after he read ‘Death of a Comedian’, he basically told me how my little story very much changed his life, and how it inspired him to write a sequel. I’ve helped him along with the continuity and technical aspects of his fanfic, and the story trudges along.


Most of us are familiar with the dilemma of wanting to write a story while juggling with Real Life, but I tell you—it takes not only talent, but also incredible determination and resolve to keep alive a story idea when you face mortal danger every day. And he has not just one, but two fanfics currently in the works! If anyone has shown true dedication to the characters, it is someone who is a true Rescue Ranger like Mr. Sturch—as he battles to rescue this world from the forces of evil while writing from his heart.


I know that there are many opinions, in favor and contrary to Mr. Sturch’s role in Iraq, and I don’t want to start any debates, but whatever the reasons for him being sent there, he’s fighting true and hard, and fighting to keep the stories and characters alive within as well. So on behalf of him, and all the brave soldiers who are fighting against evil, I receive this award, and once he returns—and he will return alive, this award will finally go to its rightful owner.


Please pray for his safety, and of his division, and of all the warriors and rangers out there who struggle everyday to keep us as safe as they can. <i>Gracias a todos</i>.


::Wiping a tear from his orange eye, the jaguar bows, shakes paws with all the Rangers, and exits the stage to the tune of “Stars and Stripes Forever”. The American flag waves on the big screen behind, and the Rangers all salute before they leave the stage::