::Chip comes out, walking huffily to the podium::

Chip: Well, they asked me to give the award for Best Satire, but I can’t <i>imagine</i> why. After all, satire’s about “witty language used to convey insults or scorn” and I’m never insulting or scornful.


Dale (from the audience): You’re never witty, either! And on the scornful part, did you count this morning when you called me “walnut-brain”?!


Chip: That’s different. You are a walnut-brain!


Dale: Says you!


::Chip sighs and continues::

Chip: The nominees for Best Satire are:


“We Need Censorship!”, CD

“The Book of Ranger Love”, Rennod

“Should've Been a Ranger”, KS

“The Ballad of Dale Oakmont”, Indy

“I'm a Believer”, Bock's Car 509


::Chip opens the envelope::

Chip: And this year’s winner is…Rennod? But his work wasn’t insulting or scornful!


Dale: But it was witty!


::Rennod comes up, flabbergasted he won::

Rennod: Wow. I didn’t even think I’d win this year. Thanks everyone for giving me the vote of confidence on this one! It’s true, my work’s not really about satire but more tongue-in-cheek. Still, I’m sure it’s insulting to someone, just not anyone around here. Thanks again, folks!


::Rennod takes his trophy and Dale takes off, looking for a good place to hide::