::A certain goggle-clad mouse comes out, her sparkling evening dress shining in the lights. The guys once again whoop it up, and Gadget comes to the podium::

Gadget: Hi there! I haven’t gotten to do one of these solo tonight, and I figured this would be a good time. I like describing things after all, and a good explanation can help to avoid confusion and mistakes in perception. Why, I was telling the other Rangers just yesterday about my new Whirl-A-Matic Ranger ‘Copter I’m working on and…


::Gadget switches into explanation mode (read: talks very fast in technobabble). The audience’s eyes glaze over and for the next forty minutes the only thing moving is Gadget’s mouth. Then she realizes what’s happening and utters those wonderful words::

Gadget: And that’s how it works!


::The audience breaks out of its stupor and the award process continues::

Gadget: Anyways, tonight I’m awarding the Best Narrative Description award, and here’s the nominees…

The forest: “Dividing the Emptiness”, Winston

The island: “Theo’s Origin”, Indy and Chris Silva

The Anticrisscross Virus: “Gadget Until Proven Innocent”, Morgan K.

“Gadget in Chains”, Loneheart

“Lost Rangers”, UrthQuake


Gadget: Now, we need an envelope. Oh wait, I’ll use my new envelope-retriever. It should work with…


Audience: MON-TY!


::Monty runs out, envelope in hand::

Gadget: Oh, thanks Monty! But my invention would’ve caused you a lot less strain.


Monty: Well, that’s up for debate, luv.


::Gadget smiles that smile of hers and opens the envelope::

Gadget: And the winner is…golly! The winners are Indy and Chris for their island description, and Loneheart for his descriptions in “Gadget in Chains”! Is he done with that story yet?


Audience: NO!


Gadget: Oh, okay. In that case, my angst lawsuit can go ahead…and here to pick up the award for Best Narrative Description is…me? Oh well, why not. And Bubbles McGee? Hey, I’d better go look for her…


::Bubbles walks nonchalantly out onto the stage to the theme of "It's A Hard Enough Life For Us." Wearing a long evening gown that was mostly sparkle and low hemline. She’s half way to the podium before she noticed that there was no sign of Gadget anywhere on the stage. She glances around nervously wandering what she was going to do if Gadget still hadn't shown up by the time she reached the podium. Which was getting closer with every step::


Bubbles reaches the podium with still no sign of Gadget and a swarm of butterflies in her stomach


Bubbles (whispering): Oh boy.


::She winces as the microphone picks up the words and amplifies them for the crowd::


::Okay, she could do this. All she had to do was read from the autocue. Where was that darn thing? Oh, there it was::


Bubbles: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Gadget Hackwrench.


::Bubbles froze. You could have heard a pin drop::


Bubbles (weakly): Ah ah. That's not right. Wrong autocue. Uh, where's MY autocue….?


::She spots a frantically gesturing technician close to the front row


Bubbles: Ah, there it is.


::Bubbles makes the mistake of looking at the audience to see how bad the damage was. All she can see are bright lights and lots of cameras staring at her like dozens of cold, unfriendly, beady eyes. She swallows hard::


Bubbles: Boy, that would have been a real surprise ending, wouldn't it?


::The audience laughs::


Bubbles: So, where was I? Oh yeah.


::She leans forward to reads off the autocue::


Bubbles: And I'm Bubbles McGee. We're here to collect the award for Best Narrative Description on behalf of Loneheart. Isn't that right, Gadget?


::Bubbles looks at the Gadget shaped hole in the scenery next to her. Her eyes flickers from the autocue to the noticeable absence of Gadget. The empty column of air next to her seems to hold her gaze for a moment. Then she looks back at the audience::


Bubbles: Ah heh. I hear she's absentminded. She's probably forgotten to turn up.


::Unseen by Bubbles a certain blonde mouse strides boldly out onto the stage behind her. Gadget isdressed in a striking yellow jumpsuit like the one worn by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and she is carrying a sammuri sword over her shoulder. It’s a new look for her but she has a pair of yellow welding goggles on her head, signalling to the audience that this was indeed, Gadget::


::The audience cheers, and Bubbles gapes at them and beams, immensely flattered::


Bubbles: Oh well, gee, thank you.


::Gadget, true to her character, almost walks all the way to the other side of the stage and was about to walk off again when she looks at the sound of the laughter and sees Bubbles. Hesitatingly, Gadget moves to centre stage and starts peering at Bubbles with exaggerated body language to see what’s going on::


Bubbles: You know, I've not got much experience at adlibbing but you are such a fine audience…


::Gadget creeps forward, still craning to see what’s going on::


Bubbles: …I think I can just wing it if you'll be a little patient…


::Bubbles knows something is up because people in the front row are giggling.


Bubbles: …with me?


::She glances in the wrong direction in puzzlement. Then she looks back the other way and finds herself looking an armed Gadget Hackwrench straight in the eye::


Bubbles: YELP!!


Gadget: Bubbles? What are you doing here?


Bubbles: I'm collecting the award for Best Narrative Description for Loneheart. Uh… Miss Hackwrench?


Gadget: Miss Hackwrench? Come on Bubbles it's me, Red.


Bubbles: Red?


::Bubbles' smile freezes. She looks at the audience in panic and then grabs Gadget by the elbow and spins her around to face away from the audience for a brief, private conference that the microphone on the podium just happenes to relay to the whole theatre::


Bubbles: Red, what are you doing here?


Gadget: Oh, I'm looking for someone, someone who's responsible for everything that's happened to me since we met in fact. And when I find them…


::Gadget's voice drops::


Bubbles (mesmerized): What?


Gadget: I want to discuss my contractual obligations with them. And also next weeks script.


::Bubbles appears to notice the samurai sword over Gadget's shoulder::


Bubbles: Red, is that a sword?


Gadget: Yes.


Bubbles (gulping): Uh, Red, you didn't happen to bump into Gadget Hackwrench this evening did you? She's supposed to be helping me pick up that award over there.


::Gadget looks at the Golden Acorn Award::


Gadget: Aw Bubbles, your such a kidder. That award's tiny. You don't need two people to lift that.


::The audience laughs::


::Bubbles looks over her shoulder at them. She takes Gadget by the elbow and leads her further away from the podium. It does no good. Their voices are still perfectly audible to the crowd::


Bubbles: Did you find who you were looking for?


Gadget: Not yet.


Bubbles: I'm very relieved.


::Bubbles looks over her shoulder at the audience::


Bubbles: Say, maybe you can help me out here… could you read Gadget's part from that autocue over there?


Gadget: Of course, Bubbles.


Bubbles: Thank you.


::They return to the podium. Gadget reads::


Gadget: Ladies, Gentlemen and assorted furs, we've sadly run out of time. Loneheart would like to thank you for this generous. Bubbles, Loneheart would like you to know that he could never have won this award without your help and he would like for you to keep it, seeing as how it's only an inch or so tall and would look really small on his mantelpiece.


::Gadget blinks::


Gadget: I think that's all there is.


::Bubbles grins and clutches her trophy::


Bubbles: Oh wow. I've never had an award before! Hey, come on, let's get out of here and celebrate. Thank you everybody, you've been a wonderful audience.


::The audience cheers, then Indy and Chris walk up the aisle to the audience's applause and head for the podium. Indy takes the lead at the microphone::


Indy: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be to recognized for good narration--I tend to handle the narrative part of our stories, so I can tell that that I take personal pleasure in this one. Painting a quality mental picture is part of what makes a story enjoyable, and I always try to look at it from the audience's view.


Chris: As for this story, it was our attempt to give the fans an eye view into the Ranger's world, deliberately making a Mary Sue the entire community could share.


Indy: Well, more like a Gary Stu in this case. But Theo holds a special spot in our hearts as writers, and a large part of it found its genesis in this story. Thanks again, everyone!


::The crowd claps as Indy and Chris hold up their trophy and head off-stage::