::As the two teenagers leave the stage, NeoBat watches them with a grin::


NeoBat (wistfully): Ah, to be young again.


::He then shrugs::


NeoBat: Heck, I’ll settle for being thirty-five again.


::The audience laughs at his comment and the older members of the café nod their heads knowingly::


NeoBat: Well, enough of my problems. Let’s keep the ball rolling here. I would now like to introduce to you two fine examples of feminine pulchritude. As a matter of fact, they’re the mothers of our last two presenters. Let’s put ‘em together for Ms. Donna Chesnutt and Ms. Alicia Ravencroft-Fairmont. And remember…I still have the whip!”


::There is a smattering of laughter as the spotlight once again falls on stage left and again a squirrel and a cyborg bat make their way across the stage. They are greeted by loud applause once the males in the audience get a good look at the outfits the two females are wearing.


Like her daughter, Donna is wearing a full length, sequined evening gown. Only hers is a deep, rich shade of blue and with a more modest slit only up to just above the knee. However, the material clings to Donna’s curves showing that the mother of two’s figure is anything but matronly. She wears her hair down tonight and it is obvious to all present that she must use a multitude of hair pins to put her hair up, because tonight it flows down over her shoulders and midway down her back. Also it is quite obvious tonight just where Tammy gets her good looks.


Meanwhile, beside Donna is the albino neo bat Alicia, clad in an outfit that is almost an exact copy of her daughter’s. However, instead of gold hers is white, matching the starkness of her fur and its hemline too stops a little above the knee. Like Rebecca’s dress, Alicia’s shows off her curves to their best affect (but in this case much to the delight of her husband).  Her white mane is pulled back into a long ponytail that is done up with a ribbon the color of burnished gold.


As the two ladies reach the podium, NeoBat takes each lady in turn and plants a gallant kiss on the back of each of their hands. He then turns to the audience and with a grin::


NeoBat: Who says I ain’t got no class?


::Both Alicia and Donna erupt in surprisingly girlish giggles as NeoBat steps back from the podium to allow them room for their presentation. Together they step up to the microphones and it is Alicia who speaks first::


Alicia (turning to Donna): Well Donna, we just proved to our daughters that we still have what it takes, didn’t we?


Donna (grinning): That we did, Alicia. That we most certainly did.


::She and Alicia then “high-four” each other and the gathering erupts in applause and whistles. Once again, however, some whooping is heard which again prompts NeoBat to crack the whip. He then points at the audience with a mock scowl and once again things quiet down::


Alicia (smiling): We are here to present the Golden Acorn Award in the category of Best Black and White Image (Greyscale) and as in the previous category, there are some incredible pieces of art here.


Donna: Here the artist must convey feelings without with use of colors. He or she must move us with only the tonal differences of shades of grey. And that, folks, isn’t easy.


Alicia: That it isn’t. So here we go. The nominees for the Best Black and White Image (Greyscale) are:


Donna:  “I Want To Believe” by Ruslan

Alicia:  “RR Father’s Day Card” by Fish

Donna:  “Spotted” by The Gnome

Alicia:  “Gadget, Wondering” by Shedder

Donna:  “Smile in a Sweater” by Artist


::Donna hands Alicia the envelope and smiles at the neo bat::


Donna: I hope you don’t have the same trouble that Tammy had opening hers.


Alicia: Oh, I don’t think that I will, Donna.


::Alicia replies with a bit of a smirk. She then pulls in her lower lip and exposes one of her canines. With practiced ease she pulls the top of the envelope across the sharp tooth, cutting it open with no problem. As she reaches into the envelope she turns to the audience::


Alicia: You should see me at parties. I’m great at opening bags of chips and the such.


::Pulling the card from the envelope she announces::


Alicia: And the winner is…Gadget of the Morning, by NN!


::NN comes up again, waving as he heads up to the podium::


NN: Well, frankly I agree. It is a great portrait, isn’t it.

::The audience laughs kindly in approval::

NN: But with Gadget as the inspiration, how could it not be?


::An “aww” goes up from the audience and Gadget blushes in kind::


NN: Thank you, everyone!


::NN heads offstage and NeoBat returns to the podium::


NeoBat: Alright folks that’s it for me for a bit. I’ll see you a bit later. As for now, I’ve got two gorgeous females to escort backstage.


::Standing between the two ladies, he offers each an arm which they both take with a smile. As he leaves the stage with the two beauties he is heard whistling and saying something about life being so sweet::