::The Rangers and Dr. Indy return to the stage::


Dr. Indy: Well folks, it’s been a great show again this year. Thanks once again to all our presenters, and another round of applause to lotacats—we’ll be getting her commemorative web plaques to you in the next few days.


::The audience applauds as lotacats stands::

Dr. Indy: And now folks, you know what time it is!


::The curtains part and there stands The JAM::






Dr. Indy: Come on up everyone, and let’s sing it!


::The crowd runs up on stage, as the orchestra starts the Ranger Theme::

Dr. Indy, Mike Demcio and Ray Jones: Some-times…


Pupspals, Tanka and IP Guest: Some crimes..


Greyhound Bus and Bock’s Car: Go slippin’ through the cracks…


Foxhound and Jon Lemerond: But these two, gum-shoes…


The JAM and AQD Robert: Are pickin’ up the slack!


Guys: There’s no case too big, no case too small!

Gals: If you need help just call…


ALL: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale, RES-CUE RAN-GERS!


Chip and Dale: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale!

Gadget and Foxy: When there’s dan-ger!


Lotacats and Rachel: No no, it never fails once they’re involved…


KS and Morgan K: Some-how what-ever’s wrong gets solved!

ALL: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale, RES-CUE RAN-GERS!


Chip and Dale: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale!

Gadget and Foxy: When there’s dan-ger!




::Everyone shouts as party balloons fall, along with confetti. For a minute it’s impossible to hear, as balloons are popping everyone. Then the scene switches to Stan Blather in the balcony::

Stan: And there you have 2004’s Golden Acorn awards. A great individual night for Tanka and Kevin Sharbaugh, and a great night of memories and fun for everyone! Katie, how do you see it?


::The scene switches outside, where already the Rangerphiles are pouring out::

Katie: It’s all smiles here, Stan! Kevin! Kevin, can I get a moment? Here’s Kevin Sharbaugh now. What did you think of tonight?


KS: Oh, it was wonderful. It’s great to be a Rangerphile!


Katie: And there you have it, Stan. I’m heading downtown, where the after-ceremony party is scheduled at Rockefeller Center. Back to you!


Stan: Thanks, Katie, and for all those that made this night possible, we thank you. My time’s up, and I thank you for yours…


::The scene switches one more time to the stage, with Dale, Mepps and Elvis there, all in their costumes::

Dale, Mepps and Elvis: THANKYOUVERYMUCH!


::The scene fades to black::