::As the last award recipient went offstage, a stagehand moved the podium off as well. Doctor Batorious read from a card he'd been handed::


Batorious: And now, something new for this year's awards. Presenting Dale Oakmont and Mepps the Cat in their tribute to the King, Elvis Presley!


::As Batorious began reading those words, Dale and Mepps watch from offstage, nervous::


Dale: What if we freeze up?


::From the shadows emerged a glowing form, also dressed like Elvis. In fact--::


Mepps: Wow, look! It's...it's...


Dale: Zowie, it's me—uh, him, uh—what’s going on!


::Elvis knelt down by the confused chipmunk::


Elvis: You got your head bonked a while back, son, and you forgot who you were. I’m the King, and you’re Dale Oakmont.


::Dale blinked a couple of times, then rubbed his head::


Dale: Oh man, what’s been happening? Wow, the ghost of Elvis! Can I have your autograph?


Elvis: Sorry, son. I’ll have to return that request to sender. I ain’t got any body to write one with. Besides, you’re on to go sing out there.


::Elvis took a look out at the crowd::


Elvis: Ripe for picking, boys. Now remember, it's all about presence. Let 'em know you're in control out there.


Mepps:  Man, ah always thought you were dead.  You're mah hero.


Elvis: We legends never die, son. We just hang around to spread our coolness to the next generation.


::A musical fanfare signaled it was time for cat and chipmunk to take the stage::


Elvis: All right, you two. Show 'em how it's done!


Dale:  Talk about pressure! The King himself watching us imitate him. I can’t do it!


Elvis: Sure you can. Just go have fun.


::Elvis snapped his fingers, seeming to break his two impersonators out of their hesitating. They ran out on stage in full regalia to the sounds of "Don't Be Cruel". Quickly they began lip-synching to the song, blowing kisses to the girls in the audience, who screamed in return. It didn't take long before Dale was going all-out, strutting his stuff and living in the spotlight::


::Mepps was having a grand time, too, and got down on his knees at one point. When the song ended, the applause was wild and shouts for an encore got the duo to oblige for "Love Me Tender". Again, the female portion of the audience ate it up, and Dale threw his scarf to one of the girls in the front row, who promptly fainted. As the song ended, the on-stage lights flashed and the band accompanied them off, again to wild applause::


::Elvis was there to greet them::


Elvis: All right, good job boys. You've got 'em eating out of your hands. Just remember, love your mommas and treat the girls like ladies and you'll get there.”


Dale:  I don't know, maybe we shoulda gone with ‘Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love’.  That says it all about my pretty momma.




"Gertie! How wonderful to see you!"


::A well-dressed mountain lion by the name of Hawnurra, his claws carefully clipped (let him who remembers understand), walks up to the busy badger. The object of the feline’s greeting is as happy at the reunion as he is::

"The same right back atcha, y'ol puddy-tat!” Gertie said. “Whatcha doin' these days?"

Hawnurra laughed. "Our hosts have asked me to help with the introductions again this year, but to tell the truth I'm not sure why."

"Pshaw, hon! You wowed 'em with the act you put on last time!" Gertie said.

Hawnurra blushed at the memory. "I tripped and fell, and accidentally tore a stage curtain."


Gertie ignored his embarrassment. "Whatever you say, hon! It was great!"

"Everybody keeps saying things like that. I don't get it."

Gertie started off again, back to work. "Just be yourself! Now I'd better haul this load into the dining room before the boss man starts missing me. Talk to ya later!" Gertie hoisted a stack of folding tables to her shoulder and strode away.

"She's working on the catering staff?" Hawnurra was stunned.


::Gertie was a fanfic actress! She deserved a better, far better, role than menial labor! How could she be so cheerful at such a fate? It was both humbling and outrageous, and the cougar didn't know what to feel::


 "Maybe I can get her up on the podium with me?" he thought. "She deserves her share of the spotlight."


::He frowned in thought, which somehow caused several people to back out of his way as he passed by. They'd heard of him. He was Hawnurra, the Villain. If even half the stories were true, he was a bloodthirsty killer who somehow never got caught. It was whispered that any witnesses just – disappeared::