::Dr. Indy comes out again, nodding as he approaches the podium in a serious tone. As he faces the audience he clears his throat::

Dr. Indy:

Gathered here we are
In radiant splendor fine

From places near and far

Masters of word and line


To present awards and honors

Deserved to those who gave

All this past year and won’ers

The Acorns we so crave


Now therefore I shall deliver

The names of those who made

Our list, and do quiver

To know who will bade


First as this year’s Best Verse winner…


“The Gadgetclocky”, Bock's Car 509

“2003 Halloween Poem” Cyber Daimyo

“Reply to Cyber Daimyo's 2003 Halloween Poem”, Ray Jones


Dr. Indy: The card, if you would…


::Dr. Indy receives the envelope and opens it::

Dr. Indy:


The winner this year won the title by far

So get it up for our very own Bock’s Car!


::bock's car rises from his seat and makes his way toward the stage, acknowledging well-wishers as he goes. Reaching the podium, he accepts his award from Dr. Indy::


Bock’s Car: Thank you.


::Then he looks to the crowd, raising the award overhead::


Bock’s Car: And thank you! I am very honored to accept this award. When I posted this poem, I had no idea of the response it would receive. I felt it to be just a little bit of fluff. Needless to say, you felt otherwise. It was met with immediate and positive feedback. Ray Jones even asked to use it in his Calendar. Any initial fear I had of rejection evaporated right then. I owe this moment to all of you, my fellow Rangerphiles. I hope to continue to contribute in the future, and I hope I can live up to your expectations. It's been a hoot, thank you all again".


::Bock's car exits stage and returns to his seat and high-fives Greyhound Bus. Dr. Indy heads off as well, nodding to the audience::