::Shooting out from stage right, a dark bat flits towards the podium.  After circling the stand a few times, Fangs, the vampire bat introduced in "The Ties That Bind", comes to a landing.  Taking his place behind the podium, he begins with the presentation::

Fangs: With the impressive body of art produced by dedicated Rangerphiles year after year, the single piece that is regarded so highly by the community as to be chosen to win the Deborah Walley Best All-Time Artwork award is not only a testament to the skills of the artist who brought it to fruition but also the continual inspiration and passion created throughout the years by a show so cruelly abandoned by its owners.


We also recognize with this award our dear friend Deborah, who gave us the voices of Foxglove, Lahwhinie and Buffy Ratskiwatski, and visited with the Rangerphiles a few times and brightened many lives before her passing


The works and artists who have been so inspired to produce them are:

"Plots and Times of Their Lives Covers" by Charles Williams,
"Of Mice and Mayhem" by Fish,
"Monty Kayos Mouseneggar" by John Lemerond,
"Gadget, Through a Frosted Window" by NN,
"3D Rescue Rangers" by John Lemerond,
"The Ranger Villains" also by John Lemerond,
"Gadget of the Morning" by NN and
"Desiree DeLure" by Kevin Sharbaugh

Fangs: The recipient of the award for Best All-Time Artwork for 2004 goes to...

::Pulling the envelope from a shelf within the podium, Fangs opens it his razor sharp incisors.  Noticing the odd looks he was receiving from some within the audience, he feels the need to explain::

Fangs: *You* try opening an envelope without using fingers... Anyhow, the
award goes to...Of Mice and Mayhem, by Fish!


::Fish is near the back of the auditorium now, but comes back on stage


Fish: Thanks, everybody. I really am humble now that you gave both of the highest art awards again! Oboy, twenty-five minutes….I’d better call my band and tell them to stall. Thanks again!


::The crowd applauds as Fish grabs his award and his cell phone. With his duty complete, Fangs flits off to stage left::