::Walking in from stage left, NeoBat waves to the audience as he makes his way across the stage. Upon reaching the podium he smiles as he looks out over the assembly. As the applause dies down he reaches into the breast pocket of his jacket and removes a couple of folded sheets of paper::


NeoBat: Well, here we are again my friends. This little gathering has been going on for three years now. Three years! Who’d have thunk it, eh? What’s more, I can’t believe I’ve been asked to return. I’ve come up with a theory about that. Either you guys actually do like me or you just can’t find anyone else who works this cheap.


From the audience: It’s probably the latter!


NeoBat: I’m inclined to agree.


::NeoBat chuckles as he holds up two sheets of paper::


NeoBat: As you can see, I had a nice speech all prepared for this illustrious occasion but… 


::With a shrug he tosses the papers over his shoulder::


NeoBat: …I never was one much for prepared speeches. I like to talk straight from the heart.


::Again he scans the audience and smiles:;


NeoBat: As I look out there I see many familiar faces and quite a few new ones. We are all from different walks of life and many paths of interest. But the one thing that brings us together is our love for these guys here.


::He gestures toward front row center as the spotlight falls on the Rangers and the crowd erupts in applause. As each of the Rangers start to blush from the adulation of their fans, NeoBat looks off to stage left and nods. The applause slowly dies and once again the auditorium’s attention returns to the podium::


NeoBat: I’ve just gotten the ‘speed it up’ signal from Indy. So without further ado I’d like to introduce our next two presenters. One you all know from the series and many fan fictions and the other is just starting to develop a following of her own. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands, paws, wings or whatever together for Ms. Tammy Chesnutt and Ms. Rebecca Corrigan-Fairmont!


::The spotlight falls on stage left and follows the squirrel and cyborg bat as the make their way across the stage. Waving her arms and smiling broadly, Tammy seems to be very much at home in the glare of the spotlight. She’s wearing a full length, red sequined evening gown. The dress is slit to mid-thigh and allows the teenager to show off a tasteful amount of leg. Tonight she wears her hair loose, allowing it to cascade down onto her shoulder and down her back like a waterfall of red fire::


::Meanwhile walking a step behind the squirrel, Rebecca, the neo bat is a little less comfortable in the spotlight and it shows in the timid way she waves. At this point she is content to let her friend take the lion’s share of the attention. The slightly shorter bat is dressed in a little number that is the color of burnished gold. The cloth nearly perfectly matches her fur and hair color and with the hemline stopping just above her knees the dress shows off her adolescent curves to their best affect (much to the chagrin of her father).


Her normally somewhat tousled hair has been pulled back neatly into a short ponytail which is tied off with a stark white ribbon. The ensemble has the effect of making the young chiropteran look like something given away at an award show. A living breathing golden statuette,


Upon reaching the podium it is Tammy who steps up to the microphone first. As she does the contingent of Tammyphiles start to whoop it up again. NeoBat steps off stage right only to reappear moments later with a whip given to him by Indy. Stepping next to the podium he cracks the whip twice::


NeoBat: Back!  Back, I say!  Down boys!  Down!!


::He cracks the whip once more and the crowd then reluctantly quiets down::


Tammy (looking to her right): Thank you, NeoBat. You’re pretty good at this.


Neobat (shrugs): What can I say? I grew up with two good looking sisters. I’m used to it.


::Tammy delicately clears her throat and continues::


Tammy: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Rebecca and I are here to present the award in the category of Best Portrait of a Ranger.


Rebecca: This category, like so many of the others, has an embarrassment of riches. There are so many good entries here. It must have been hard to pick just one to vote on.


Tammy: A lot like all the good looking guys at the school dance last week, eh?


::Tammy playfully elbows her friend. With a tilt of her head and a sidelong look, Rebecca replies::


Rebecca: I haven’t the foggiest notion of what you’re referring to, Tammy. You know that I’m already spoken for.


Tammy: Well, that fact certainly didn’t stop you from looking, did it?

::Rebecca’s mouth drops open in shock as she looks at the squirrel::


Rebecca: I think we’d best get on with this. (with a smile) Before you get me into trouble here.


Tammy: Agreed.


::Tammy turns back to the microphone::


Tammy: The nominees in the category of Best Portrait of a Ranger are…


Rebecca:  “Chip, Dressed as Indy” by Head

Tammy:  “Gadget of the Morning” by NN

Rebecca:  “Yes, Dale” by Loki

Tammy:  “Gadget, Purely Happy” (Color) by Shredder

Rebecca:  “Gadget’s Happy New Year” by Head

Tammy:  “Smile In A Sweater” by Artist

Rebecca:  “Gadget In Love” by Tanka


::Rebecca hands Tammy a gold foil envelope which she fumbles to open::


Tammy (under her breath): Why the heck do they make these things so hard to open? 


::The microphone picks up the comment and the audience erupts in laughter. With her embarrassment blossoming on her cheeks, Tammy finally manages to get the envelope open and turns back to the microphone::


Tammy: And the winner is…Fish for his RR Father’s Day Card!


Dale (from the audience): Kippers! Kippers! Kippers!


Chip (also from the audience): Kippers?


Dale: Well, it’s a fish too, ain’t it?


::Fish comes up, smiling as he reaches the podium::

Fish: Honestly, I hadn’t meant this drawing to win an award. It was just a cute idea that occurred to me one day while I was thinking about Chip and Gadget’s progeny. Then there she was, and here I am. Thanks, and glad you liked it!


Dale: Salmon! Salmon! Salmon!


Chip: Cut it out, Dale.


::Fish takes his award and wonders where he’s going to put it after he lined the walls in his house with the 2003 models. As he exits stage right, Tammy and Rebecca continue their little discussion as they too leave::


Rebecca: I can’t believe you said that in front of everyone, Tammy.


::Rebecca gives her friend a playful shove::


Rebecca: You know my boyfriend’s in the audience. Not to mention my father! And you know how he is. He’s likely to try and ground me until I’m fifty!


Tammy: Well, I was only telling the truth. Besides, there’s no harm in looking, is there? 


::Tammy places a friendly arm around the little neo’s shoulders::


 Tammy: Plus you and I both know that Alex is really a big ol’ softie at heart.