The Scorpions, "There's No One Like You" playing in background.


::From stage right, a Canary Yellow Deuce Coupe rolls onto the stage, exhaust cackling from the uncapped headers of the Small Block Chevy. Coming to a stop behind the podium, the ignition is cut and a figure emerges. Dressed in a black tuxedo, grey broad-brimmed leather hat, and dark clip-on shades, bock's car walks up to the podium, waits for applause to lower and addresses the crowd::


Bock’s Car: Thank you, thank you. Are y'all enjoying yourselves?"


::The crowd erupts in applause::


Bock’s Car: Yeah! That's the spirit!  It is my pleasure to present the award for 'Best Character Interaction'".


::Bock’s Car pauses, then starts in::


Bock’s Car: By taking diverse elements and combining them into a coherent plot line, a talented writer can weave the characters together in a wonderful landscape of imagination. This award recognizes the individual who best mixes the personalities of the characters within the story in a way that seems natural and convincing. That individual who best combines a character's quirks and mannerism's with the other characters. In short, the one who best brings the characters together.


For 'Best Character Interaction', the nominees are:


"Chip and Dale Switch Roles, in 'The Case Of the Nabbed Necklace' - by Indy and Chris Silva",

"Gadget, Widget, and a disassembled Chris Cross, in 'Gadget Until Proved Innocent'- by Morgan K",

"The Fight Scene, in 'Gadget's Quest'- by Kevin Sharbaugh",

"Gadget and the Enterprise Crew, in 'A Rangers Trek'- by The Gnome",

"Chip and Gadget, in 'A Romance For the Ages'- by Rachel Gloess",

"Gadget and Doohickey, in 'Gadget's Quest'- by Kevin Sharbaugh".


Bock’s Car: And the winner is… (opens envelope) Gadget and Doohickey, in ‘Gadget’s Quest’


::As Gadget and her half-sister Doohickey from "Gadget's Quest" arrived upon the stage the applause was mixed with a smattering of wolf-whistles... which actually came from some of the wolves in attendance, one of whom was painfully rebuked for his indiscretion by his mate.  Gadget had been convinced to wear a dress for the occasion, which generally matched the color scheme of her normal jumpsuit, and bore a flower in her golden hair.  Doohickey had managed to stick to her black jumpsuit arguing that a dress would be a liability if a fight broke out (though, in reality, dresses just make her feel vulnerable), but compromised with a decorative silver sprocket in her raven tresses instead of a pair of goggles::

Gadget: We'd like to say 'thank you', or... golly, what's that word?  Oh, nya:weh!  We'd like to say 'thank you', or nya:weh, to everyone for this award... Actually I guess we already did say that, didn't we.

Doohickey: Well, you already said it, I didn't.

Gadget: Do you want to then?  Although, technically I guess mine did cover us both, but...

::Hoping to forestall a drawn out discourse on oratory dynamics, Dee quickly intervenes, waving to the audience::

Doohickey: Nya:weh!

Gadget: Ok...  It actually seems a little odd that we should be getting this award considering since we were just doing what would be natural for two persons interacting under the circumstances we were subject to.

Doohickey: Actually I believe it's more for the author who wrote our dialogue and developed our behavioral matrix, thus deciding how we would interact in the story that he crafted.

Gadget: That makes sense, given that we are fictional characters after all.

Doohickey: We spend so much time living the lives created for us by the minds of others that we forget...

::Gadget directs her sister's attention towards the audience::

Gadget: Maybe we better cool it with the metaphysical... I think Dale's getting a headache.

Doohickey: Ah.  Anyhow, nya:weh ae' for the award!

Gadget: Thanks again!

::The sisters proceed off the stage, continuing their musings upon the 'fourth wall' quietly between themselves. Bock’s Car revs up his Deuce Coupe and drives off to the applause of the audience::