::Stan Blather comes out, to the surprise of the audience::

Stan: I was asked to present an award this year, and it’s my honor to do so. I’ve been covering news events for years now, and I can tell you the power of pictures in making the news. But tonight, we honor those who have used pictures to tell quite a different story.


::Stan gestures to the big screen, as the caption nominees roll across::


Stan: Week 104, Karl….


<img src= "http://www.indyranger.com/cap104.jpg">


Stan: Week 118, Obi-Wan Maplewood….


<img src= "http://www.indyranger.com/cap118.jpg">


Stan: Week 117, KS and Jeff Parkes, the Boy of Destiny…


<img src= "http://www.indyranger.com/cap117.jpg">


Stan: Week 119, Stitch….


<img src= "http://www.indyranger.com/cap119.jpg">


Stan: And week 125, Ronnie Rabbit…


<img src= "http://www.indyranger.com/cap125.jpg">


::Stan receives the envelope::

Stan: And the best caption for this year is…Obi-Wan Maplewood, Week 118!


::The audience applauds, and then goes silent, as nobody appears on the stand.  Then, suddenly, a loud rushing sound can be heard, and a Jedi Starfighter bursts out of the right wall and lands on the stage

The cockpit opens, and out steps Obi-Wan Maplewood.  The Jedi chipmunk turns off the ship's holo-comm - Kenobi was lecturing him about not accusing the Supreme Chancellor of being a Sith Lord or something - and walks to the podium.  Before he reaches it, however, he notices the damage his dramatic entrance had done.  Placing the wall, seats, forcibly relocated audience members etc. to their previous places via a wave of the hand and the Force, Obi-Wan then takes the podium::

Obi-Wan Maplewood:  Well, um, what can I say?  Um, uh ... <dryly>'I have a bad feeling about this.'
::The audience laughs in kind::

Obi-Wan (resuming normal voice): Anyway, the caption was inspired, obviously, by the
scene in <i>Return of the Jedi</i> where Luke reveals to Leia the truth about his parentage and family, more specifically the line where he reveals that the Force is strong with him, his father, and (by implication) Leia.  Change "the Force" to "intelligence," Luke and Leia to Chip and Gadget, and the scene lends itself to something that Tammy would fantasize about.

So, I had this scene in mind - either as a fanfic "outtake" (if I ever get around to writing a 'fic) or a "Thing the Rangers would never say," or... well, you get the idea.  Then Indy posted the caption pic where Chip stared bug-eyed at something Gadget said, and voila... award winning caption!

In closing, I'd like to thank Indy for hosting this ceremony, all of you for making my caption the winner, George Lucas for making Star Wars (for without it, there'd be no ROTJ scene to spoof!), Tad Stones et al for the Rangers, and, of course, God for everything.

::Obi-Wan is about to step off the podium when he notices his Jedi Starfighter, in landing mode, still occupying the right section of the stage.  Pondering this for a moment, he and some stage crew eventually find a way to move it off the stage without hurting anybody until it is out of the auditorium, at which time the Jedi chipmunk takes a seat. Stan Blather, he coat slightly singed from the StarFighter’s arrival, makes a wise retreat::