::Collette returns to the stage after her earlier encounter of the weasel kind. Unlike her previous entry, she has passed up flirting with the audience in favor of spraying herself with something.  A curious cameramouse zooms in and the video screen behind the podium soon displays a close up of her can of Acme Weasel Repellant. Once at the podium she sets the can down atop of the stand...then, thinking better of it, stows it out of sight so as not to clash with the her own pleasing appearance::

Collette: I'm ba-ack.

::A cheer goes up from several young males::

Collette: The Best Original Section or Material goes to the portion of a website that not only distinguishes itself from other websites due to its creativity and application of thought and ideas, but also the other sections of the website in which it resides. This year’s nominees are:

Tanka's "Tanka's CDRR Mistakes and Trivia",
Pupspals' "How to Rangerize your Mac",
Ray Jones' "The Rescue Ranger Calender",
Jeff Parkes' "Rescue Ranger Poll" and
Pupspals' "How to tell the difference between Chip and Dale"

::Collette gives a sly glance to the audience::

Collette: I've got my *own* ways of telling them apart.

::Dipping her fingers into the front of her dress, she pulls out...Drywall::



::Both the weasel and squirrel flee the stage, albeit in different directions. Shaking his head wearily as he trudges onto the stage to finish the presentation, Chip approaches the podium. He lifts up the sealed envelope...then pauses. He reaches under the podium and fishes out the can of weasel repellant and inspects it closely::

Chip: "Warning: Not effective when applied to squirrels". Well, I guess that makes about as much sense as anything else that happens around here.

::Replacing the weasel repellant, Chip takes up the envelope once more and tears it open::

Chip: This year’s recipient of Best Original Section or Material is…


Dale (from the audience): ¡Mexico! ¡Mexico! ¡Mexico!


Chip: That was two years ago, Dale.


Dale: Fish! Fish! Fish!


Chip: Last year.


Dale: Oh. Vladivostok! Vladivostok! Vladivostok!


Chip: Now you got it. Tanka, come on down!

::But Tanka is nowhere seen. Dale comes up stage now, scanning the audience for her along with Chip::

Chip: What did she say about penguins?

Dale: You don't think she was serious, do you?

Chip: Well, I'm already not quite sure...

Dale: But then who'll take the award?

::Chip's glance falls on SVZ sitting comfortably in the auditorium::

Chip: Oh, SVZ, come here!

SVZ: Me?

Chip: Yes, you.

::SVZ climbs to the stage and Chip gives him the award. SVZ prepares to leave::

Dale: Won't you say something?

SVZ: Me??? I don't know. There's not a word about saying anything in my contract!

::SVZ unrolls a long papyrus and the end of it falls from the stage to the first row. Dale catches the end quickly and draws something on it::

Foxglove: Dale! It's an official document!

Dale: Oops! Sorry, Foxy. I just wanted to make your portrait.

::Dale sweetly smiles at Foxy while SVZ quickly rolls back the paper::

SVZ: Maybe I better show slides?

The audience: Slides! Slides!
::The lights go off and the first picture appears::

<img src ="http://www.indyranger.com/b_48-DaleBlackNose.jpg">

SVZ: In the episode "It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!" in the pet-shop after the victory over dogs-hooligans Dale says he needs nobody. At this moment the chipmunk has a black nose.

Foxglove: Oh, Dale, you look so cute!

::SVZ changes the slide and a new image appears::

<img src="http://rrdatabase.dyndns.org/image/jdracous/F_D.jpg">

Dale: Oh, Foxy, you look so cute!

::Foxglove blushes, and the audience applauds::


Chip: Don't panic, must be a simple mistake...next year's candidate...

::Jdracous sits at the balcony looking on with satisfaction at the long line of girls who impatiently wait for their turn to order cool valentine cards. The operator switches off the projector::

SVZ: Gosh, I better find Tanka and bring her back!

::And he quickly runs off the stage::

Chip to Dale: Is this ceremony really so scary?

Dale: Don't mind! He'll get accustomed by next year!


::Chip and Dale shrug and leave the stage, taking the trophy with them for when they find Tanka::