::Brian Walmer comes on stage, seemingly nervous. He shuffles the notecards he’s brought with him and when he starts to talk it’s very fast::

BW: For the past year we've seen some of the Funnest Rangers stories ever made. In fact they’ve made us laugh till we cried, but only one can walk away with the GA Award for Best Comedy of 2004, so best of luck to everyone and here are the nominees:


::Offstage, Dr. Indy shrugs and says to Bedivere, “Well, at least we had one short one”::


“Dale the Detective: Case of the Nabbed Necklace”, Indy and Chris Silva

“Who Wants To Be A Millionare: Celebrity Toon Version”, Pupspals

“Gadget's Skirt”, Pupspals

“Keep it under your hat”, KS

“Criss Cross Takes the Mary Sue Litmus Test”, Morgan K.


BW: And the winner is…KS, for “Keep it under your hat”!


::At first several persons in the audience assume that KS was unavailable to receive the award as the individual climbing onto the stage was wearing a fedora with his tux and, thus far, the author had yet to appear with anything on his head except his hair. However, as he turned to approach the podium his bushy beard made his identity indisputable::

KS: I have to admit this is a surprise. Just having this... well, story, if you can call it that, nominated was a surprise... but actually *winning*?  That kicks it up to a whole new level!  It was a skit that took, probably, less than ten minutes to write... I hadn't even considered it long enough to justify posting it on the Story Board. I didn't even vote for it, myself. Granted, I don't think Tammy would consider it to be insignificant, she did get to kiss Chip... a lot.

::There was a slight pause. Then, the author removed his fedora to reveal a mistletoe dealy-bopper which danced gaily above his head. Holding his hat as if to catch something, he looked out into the audience:

KS: Anybody?

::There was little enthusiasm. Dale was even moved to make imitation cricket chirps. Suddenly, up from the hat popped something grey and pointy-nosed. Placing his paws on the author's cheeks, Drywall (aka 'Snoop'), the inquisitive weasel from "The Wandering Feather" gave his writer a quick smooch::

Drywall: [smooch]

::Hopping out of the fedora, the weasel then bounded off into the wings::

KS: Gee, Snoop, I never knew you cared.

::Placing the fedora back atop his head, KS ventures from the stage. BW, relieved that it’s over, starts to head off when Dr. Indy holds up two fingers, letting him know his job’s far from over::