Hawnurra: Overture, cut the lights, this is it - we'll hit the heights!


::Hawnurra the mountain lion quietly sang the old Bugs Bunny show theme to himself to steady his nerves. He'd arranged the stage musicians to play the first few bars of the "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" theme song when it was time for his appearance. What better way to segue into the "Best Song Parody" award? Everybody in the audience would recognize it immediately, and they couldn't help but feel cheered. They'd be ready for fun, and whoever was to receive the award would find himself standing before a roomful of happy friends.

At least, that's how he hoped it would go.

He was glad Gertie's boss had let her go on stage with him. The poor fellow had almost fallen over himself agreeing, in fact, and had been looking at Gertie oddly as well the whole time. Ah well, such is life. Here she was, garbed in a gown which the wardrobe department had produced as though by magic, and her grin was a sight to behold. At least someone was happy here.

Standing there in the shadows, dressed in his rented black tuxedo, his eyes caught the light as he looked around again, the other performers and stagehands seemed nervous too, whenever his gaze fell upon them. At least he wasn't the only one with opening-night jitters. He smiled and whispered "break a leg!" to one. The traditional stage-blessing seemed not at all what that worthy wanted to hear, judging by expression. Well, it takes all kinds.

Ah, his scene was coming up. He settled his nerves with a deep breath, straightened his jacket one last time, and strode out as the music began.

Hawnurra: Sometimes, some crimes, go slipping through the cracks...


::He sang with passable skill and plenty of volume as he approached the podium. He paused there, resting his arms on it as he leaned forward, smiling broadly::


Hawnurra: …and that's why I'm standing before you here.


::Oddly, the crowd looked shocked and worried rather than happy. Well, on with the show::


Hawnurra: That song, as well as many others we know and love, has inspired the art of parody in many a Rangerphile's talented soul. Parody can take many forms, for many reasons,
and in some cases its fame can outlive the original; as for example Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" parody has in some circles. There are some song parodies so popular that many don't even realize there was an earlier version of the song.


::He looked as though struck by a sudden thought::


Hawnurra: So THAT'S why you're supposed to put a credit in the title of your parody!


::That got a nervous giggle out of the crowd. He'd hoped to do better. It had seemed like a funny line, but maybe his delivery was off. He signaled Gertie, who strutted out like a game-show hostess, still grinning as though to put the spotlights to shame, and presented him with the envelope. He accepted it gravely, and she took her place standing beside him in that warm, wonderful circle of light every actor loved::

Hawnurra: Tonight, songs by some of the finest songwriters among us, (lists the names of the contestants) have been carefully judged by a panel of experts who really should have known better than to do such a silly thing, and who are now receiving the very best of therapy in a secure and quiet environment.

::That got some laughs, even Gertie stifled a chuckle. But strangely, a few looked concerned. More than one cell phone was in use, a really bad sign in any audience. Time to wrap this up and get off of the stage::


Hawnurra: The winner of the Acorn Cafe's Golden Acorn Award for Best Song Parody is…Bock’s Car!

::Yet again, bock's car has to make his way to the podium. He accepts the award and thanks Hawnurra::


Bock’s Car: I am truly blessed to have such friends as you. This song means a great deal to me. In fact, without Foxglove as my inspiration, I would never have found 'The Acorn Cafe'. I was actually looking for a working link to 'The Foxglove Feature'. Thanks Jaleel!


After finding one that worked, I found a link to 'The Acorn Cafe', and the rest, as they say, is history. If I could beg your indulgence for a bit, if Foxglove would join me for a moment, I would like to thank her personally.


::Foxglove flies up and perches on the podium. bock's car reaches under the podium and pulls out a bouquet of miniature yellow Roses and sprigs of Foxglove and presents them to Foxy::


Bock’s Car: Without you, I would never have met all my friends here tonight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart".


::Foxglove flies up to bock's car's face and gives him a nuzzle on his cheek, takes her bouquet and returns to Dale's side. Dale has jealous look in his eyes. bock's car picks up his award and raises it over his head::


Bock’s Car: The bock's ROCKS! Thank you everyone!

::**That was awful** Hawnurra thought. How could I have misjudged an audience so badly? Hawnurra's thoughts ran in a downward spiral as he walked calmly offstage, then sat on a box behind the curtain controls::


Hawnurra (muttering): I really BOMBED out there!

Gertie (putting an arm around his shoulder): I thought you did real well, Hon.

::For some reason the stage hands began getting excited::

Stagehand: There's a bomb back there?

Stagehand 2: Someone said there's a bomb!


Stagehand: It sounded like Hawnurra!

Stagehand 3: Good Lord, he's finally done it!

::He slowly walked back toward his dressing room, Gertie still with one arm around his shoulder, a small riot going on behind them, un-noticed::