::Professor Norton Nimnul walks out in his usual lab outfit::

Nimnul: Hahahaha! Prepare to feel the wrath of Nimnul!


::The audience gets nervous, but then the professor calms down::

Nimnul: Oh, uh sorry. That was my speech for the mad scientists’ convention…


::The audience breathes easier as Nimnul pulls a different set of cards out::

Nimnul: Ladies and gentleanimals, I am here to award the Golden Acorn for the Most Prolific Rangerphile. Most prolific? That should be me! Who else has done more to secure the fame of those miserable rodents who always foil my brilliant plans!?! I should take this award right now and…


::Dr. Indy, sitting the audience, points to the security guards waiting on either side of the stage. They make their presence known, and Nimnul calms down again::

Nimnul: Oh, hehheh, right. Now, the nominees for this year are:








::Nimnul brings out a remote control and presses a button on it. A mini-copter appears, holding the envelope, and the copter flies down to him::

Gadget (from the audience): Hey! That’s the design for my Whirl-a-Matic!


Nimnul: Nyahh! You didn’t go to the patent office, did you!


::Gadget crosses her arms, fuming, and Nimnul opens the envelope::

Nimnul: And now, the winner is…Tanka!


::Tanka comes up, her arms already full of awards::


Tanka: Thank you, my dear friends, I highly appreciate your votes. That was a nice year and I'm very glad I was able to do so much. I renamed my main page from "Tanka's CDRR Art page" to "Tanka's CDRR pages" as there's not only my art now but very many other things. I feel very sorry that I won't be able to pay so much attention to the rangerlife next year but I promise to keep delivering you the news from the Russian CDRR HQ community and update my page regularly. Thank you!


::The crowd applauds as she goes offstage. Nimnul appears ready to relieve Tanka of a few awards, when the security guards make sure he leaves promptly::