::Dr. Indy returns, this time going quickly the podium::

Dr. Indy: Okay, no elaborate poem this time. We’re running a little over on this segment, so I’ll make this one brief. Our nominees for Best Poetic Imagery include…

“The Gadgetclocky”, Bock's Car 509

“2003 Halloween Poem” Cyber Daimyo

“Reply to Cyber Daimyo's 2003 Halloween Poem”, Ray Jones


::Dr. Indy pulls out the envelope::

Dr. Indy: And the winner for Best Imagery is Bock’s Car!


::bock's car again makes his way from the crowd to the podium, graciously accepting his award::


Bock’s Car. Thank you very much. I thought I might pass this along, The Museum Of Modern Art says they're interested in acquiring the remains of the 'Gadgetclocky'. Good luck guys, Gadget says she knows what went wrong and SHOULD be able to fix it". (laughter from audience) I plan to be in another time zone when she tries".


::Gadget crosses her arms and sulks::


Bock’s Car. Just kidding, you can work on my plane anytime, number four engine hasn't run this well in ages. Let me know if you ever want a ride, I'll even let you look through the 'Top Secret Norden Bomb Sight'.


::Gadget's features brighten noticeably::


Bock’s Car: Thanks for being my inspiration for this little poem. And thank you, Rangerphiles, for your support and help.


::bock's car leaves the stage, award in hand. Dr. Indy checks his watch as he leaves the stage::