::The Rangers return to the stage, now that the melee with Fish is done::

Chip: Now comes the award for Best All-Time Author. This award recognizes the changing tastes and preferences among the Rangerphile community, as who is deemed best can change over time.


Gadget: This writer is the best of the best, the one whose stories best exemplify the spirit of Rangerdom.


Monty: His or her stories are the ones that show us Rangers at our best.


Dale: And funniest!


Foxy: So, without further ado…


Tammy: The candidates for this year’s…


Zipper: Best All-Time Author award! I mean buzz buzz…


Indy and Chris Silva


AQD Robert

Kevin Sharbaugh

Morgan K

The Gnome



Chip: The envelope please…


::Desiree de Lure comes out with the envelope, smooching Monty on the cheek as she leaves::

Monty: Crikey…


Chip: And the winner is…Indy and Chris Silva!


::The crowd stands, applauding as Chris and Indy walked once more up on stage. The large trophy stands beside them, etched with their names, added to the list of the best writers. They each receive a smaller normal-sized trophy::


Indy: I remember how great an honor this was in 2002, and now with the great writers and stories we've added to this community since then it's an even greater honor than ever to be recognized again in 2004!


Chris: Well, it is, but I still don't see how you can have an annual "Best all time" anything.


Indy: Think of it like the Masters in golf, pally. Every year there's a new name added to the winners' list and a new green jacket given out. With these awards, it's an opportunity to recognize the changing tastes and opinions of the community and show who they think is the best all-time at this moment. Next year it may be different, or it may not.


Chris: I still think it's misnamed, anyway. You should call it the 2004 Rangerphiles' Choice or something.


Indy: Well, maybe next year. For this year, thanks everyone, and we look forward to giving you some great stories to enjoy in the future!


::Chris and Indy pose with the trophy while folks take photos, then wave as they both take their smaller versions of it and head offstage. The Rangers remain in place for the next award::