"And so, I am pleased to present to you" - Hawnurra, walking down a hallway lined with dressing-rooms, paused in thought; a wide and theatrical sweep of the arm, hand open, would do here. This would direct the audience's attention toward the personage, attraction, or entertainment next on the program. A well-proven method. All of the big names used it. OK, try it again and...Action! "And so, I am pleased to - Ack!"


His claws had caught on a door-frame. He fell against the door, crashing it open and revealing a couple within who, by their expressions, were not apparently expecting company. "Ah, Excuse me, wrong room. My mistake." Hawnurra choked out as he backed away and strode down the hall. Inside that room, the two conspirators considered the fates undoubtedly in store for whoever was in the "right" room, and shuddered.


That new temp, Gertie, was OK. No doubt about it. Frank admired her attitude, skill, heck what was there not to like? It seemed everyone liked Gertie. He was just loading a food cart with sealed hot-trays when he saw her talking with one of the guests, but she didn't look like she was slacking off. Not like some temps, who'd stand there and gossip all day. He was going to have to ask this one to hire on full-time. It'd probably get him a few brownie-points with his boss if she did.

That guy in the tux, though. That was Hawnurra! Man, that scene from "Night of the Cougar" still gave him the willies, and this was the guy! There was Gertie, being all friendly like she always was, with the "Cougar"! Should he warn her? Try to protect her? They'd seemed to part on friendly terms, but that expression on the big cat's face as he left was the stuff of nightmares. Frank was nervously chewing a couple of chalky antacid tablets a few moments later, when he went back to loading the cart. The "what-if's" were piling up in his mind, and he didn't like any of them.


"Really?" Hawnurra said, delighted, "You actually remember that B-Rated thriller, and you liked my rendition?"

Imagine it! He was actually chatting with the main character from "Missing Lynx", and she'd complimented HIM. He hardly noticed that he'd entered the elevator with her, when she smiled and asked, "Do the gangster line for me?"

Of course! Anything! "Let me get into character.. OK" a pause, and then his posture was the very image of rigid, unyielding, barely-controlled wrath as he hiss-growled "When there's a gang of killers picking off your friends and family, you don't go asking which one murdered who - you just choose the biggest, meanest, loudest, son-of-a-wretch in the pack and PAINT the ROOM with his GUTS!" At the word "who" the door had 'DING'ed open to a waiting crowd, but she'd asked him to quote the line and he gave it all he had.

"Thanks, that should get me into the tabloids, and who doesn't need a little free advertising?" She purred, winked, and strutted away down the hall.

Hawnurra looked around at the crowd backing away from the open elevator doors, confused.