::Glenn Miller's "St. Louis Blues March" fills the air. Bock's car nods to announcer as he approaches the podium.


Bock’s Car: Best Characterization. What a challenge. To write a story based on existing characters is a monumental task. It requires knowledge of the subject and the courage to make the story unique, without ruining the basic personality of the character. Often, a writer will choose to expand a certain trait of the character's persona. Done correctly, the result is a newfound pleasure. Done incorrectly, a morass of confusion.


All truly memorable characters evolve, yet remain familiar to us. This award honors the person who best captures the personality of the Rangers. The person who best puts the Rangers in an original story while remaining true to the characters accepted role. Whether that means Gadget's optimism and ingenuity, or Dale's lack of attention to details, this award goes to that person who best portrays the Rangers as we have come to know them.


For 'Best Characterization Of the Rangers', the Nominees are:


"'Dale the Detective: Case Of the Nabbed Necklace', by Indy and Chris Silva",

"'Gadget's Skirt', by Pupspals", (cheers and wolf-whistles from audience)


"Down, boys", (looks toward Gadget and winks)


"'A Valentine's Surprise', by Rachel Helvey Gloess",

"'A Ranger's Trek', by The Gnome".


Bock’s Car: And this year's winner is—oh, two winners! Pupspals for “Gadget’s Skirt”, and Indy and Chris Silva for “Dale the Detective”!


::For a bit Pupspals, dressed in her band performance dress since she doesn't have anything better, is too shocked to say or do anything & just sits there in shock while the audience applauds. Then stands up, lets out a "Whoo!"  & runs up for the stage.


She accepts the award from Bock’s Car & thanks him, then approaches the mic.::


Pupspals:  Wow...  This is great!   &... kinda wierd considering that I'm actually playing percussion at my school's graduation ceremonies in a gym that's missing a wall since it's under construction...  and I most likely won't even be able to read the awards until Monday when I can get to the library since I don't have the internet at home...  Don't you love the internet & speeches sent in ahead of time?! I guess it's not the “human” me getting this but the “Pupspals” me that'll be in the group pic... Anyway, Thanks sooooo much you guys!  This is my first ever web award & I'm gonna show this off to all!


::Looks at the statue::


Pupspals:  Course this is gonna stand out on my desk a bit from my John Philip Sousa band award, Bible Memory verse & ISIA figure skating little kid trophies...


::Audience laughs::


Pupspals:  This is a great honor for me.  "Gadget's Skirt" was the most elaborate fan fic I've ever written.  So much so I've yet to finish the pt. 2!  I guess all those days as a kid when I would image myself as a ranger or Gadget's kid, have Chip & Dale scold me and keep me company during time outs & play with little figurines of the characters paid off!   To be honored with and awards for displaying the rangers as they were on the show is especially important to me.  Since I'm trying to get into cartoons as a career this is a great way of knowing that I'm doing the right thing...


Thanks to God, my parents, you guys of course for voting or just being a part of the Cafe!  Also I wanna say the other nomenees: Indy & Chris, Rachel Helvey Gloess, & the Gnome all did great jobs as well.  I think this was the, if not one of the only categories where I had read everything available & I liked every one. I saved a copy of all your fan fics to read later! Thanks to all the writers at the Cafe too; you guys serve as an inspiration & keep me going during long homework hours when I should be studying but I'm not... :blushes:  hope my teachers don't read that.  Anyway you guys are great, keep up the good work!


::Audience cheers.  Pupspals starts to walk off stage, then runs back to the mic.::


Pupspals:  Oh!  & also thanks to my school for forcing us to dress up to required concerts.  Otherwise I never would have been inspired by the problems a skirt can cause....  & we'll just leave it at that!  Thanks!


::She waves & goes back to her seat. Indy and Chris come up next::


Dr. Indy: Well, how to follow that…


::The audience laughs, and the writing duo waves again as they come up to the podium, along with Dale::


Chris: I can't believe we won for best characterization...


Indy: You already did that routine, pally.


::Some audience members chuckle, and Indy takes the mic::


Indy: Thanks, everybody. We saw in this story a chance to have some fun with that classic Chip and Dale bantering and challenging they love, and I expect that's why you picked this story for this award. What do you think, Chris?


Chris: We won for this but you Philistines scorned my picture of "Mepps as Elvis"?!?!?!


::Indy ducks his head as the crowd laughs::


Indy: Sorry, he's in his frustrated artist stage.


Dale: Hey, I liked that one, too! Will you sign a copy of it for me, Chris?


::Indy shrugs as Chris and Dale head offstage then follows, muttering something about "the price of immortality". Bock’s Car heads off as well, the orchestra playing “Little Deuce Coupe” this time::