::From seemingly out of nowhere pops Dale onstage. He laughs and waves to everyone, then begins to vibrate and in a flash of light transforms. It’s Ditz, the would-be replacement for Dale from Fleeblebrox::

Ditz: Hi there, earthlings! I’m back from Fleeblebrox again, but it was a tough time convincing Brik and Brak to lend me the spaceship. They’re still sort of sore from that huge speeding ticket that Dale cost them.


::Dale waves sheepishly from the audience::

Ditz: Anyways, I’m here to help award the Most Helpful Rangerphile award. I know a lot about being helpful, because we Fleeblebroxians are helpful by nature.


Gadget (in the audience): Tell me about it. When he modified the RangerPlane, it took me a good half-day to get over the adrenaline rush from going around the world in 80 seconds.


::Ditz seems to ignore Gadget’s comment and continues::

Ditz: Now, let’s see the nominees…



AQD Robert



Ray Jones


::Ditz vibrates again and transforms into a huge yellow dragon::

Ditz: The envelope please?


::Monty holds out the envelope on a stick, and Ditz shoots fire across it, opening the letter expertly::

Ditz: Okay. The winner is…Winston!


::Winston rolls his eyes as he gets up::


Winston: Oh, for cryin' out loud...how many times can this possibly happen?!


::He looks apologetic upon reaching the microphone::


Winston: I really feel bad about this. Um... Better luck next year, I suppose, to everyone I've beaten so far. I didn't mean to, honest.


::He almost started walking away from the microphone, but caught himself before he did::

Winston: Oh, and I almost forgot... I'd like to thank Stitch for writing the story that my shirt with it's not-so-subtle polemic is a reference to. ‘Who Wants Cake?’ was quite a piece of work, I must say.


::Then he turned and walked back to his seat, but before he got there Dr. Indy got everyone’s attention::

Dr. Indy: And now, the final touch to Winston’s reward. Even if you don’t like the awards, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this part :-)


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