::Dr. Indy is still at the podium::

Dr. Indy: Whew! We just did get there with is. Make it with…

::Indy looks at his watch::

Dr. Indy: Well, never mind how little time it was. Now, a few words of thanks. First, thanks to all the Rangerphiles, without whose work this ceremony would be meaningless. Second, a big word of thanks to Lotacats, whose design I accepted for this year’s ceremony winners.


::Lotacats stands up, the crowd clapping politely::

Dr. Indy: She’s already got the award plaques done for us, which was a huge burden off my shoulders. Also, I want to recognize Jon Lemerond, Karl, and Thunderbolt who each have contributed some extras for this year’s ceremony. Okay folks, let’s see who the winners are this year!


::From offstage, someone lets out a huge war-whoop, and a bat dressed like a cowboy flies into view::



::The Texas prairie bat settles on the stage floor, wearing his ten-gallon hat, vest, chaps and spurs. Bedivere’s niece Foxglove waves to him from the audience::


Bedivere: Howdy there, y’all! Just got in from mah latest bombardier beetle roundup down in Hondo, Texas, and I’m right glad to be the first award-giver up! Like my pappy used to say, if you can be first, go on ahead, ‘cause anyone can be last!


::Bedivere takes out an envelope from his vest::

Bedivere: Well, let’s get this here shindig a-going! The nominees for the Best Website are:


“The Acorn Cafe”, Stephen Clouse, Indy and a cast of thousands (of posts)

“The (Reborn) RR Database”, Winston

Tanka's CDRR Mistakes and Trivia”, Tanka

“The World Association of Montyphiles (WAM)”, Jeff Parkes

“ The Acorn Cafe Guest Map”, Pupspals


Bedivere: Thousands of posts? Sounds like the fenceline on the back forty! Well, nevermindol’ Bedivere don’t cotton to these newfangled computers and all. But I do cotton to telling you the winner. And the winner is…Tanka!


::Tanka stands up, surprised, and the crowd applauds as she walks up toward the podium. When she gets there, she pauses a moment, apparently savoring the view from there::


Tanka: Good evening! I'm very pleased to be on this stage again. I'm glad that my Mistakes & Trivia section has become so popular and want to remind everyone that it's not only my achievement but of about two dozen people who have been sending me new mistakes all this year.


::The crowd applauds, and Tanka continues::


Tanka: I also can't help mentioning SVZ who handled the screenshots part on his own free will and Foxhound who patiently translated my English into normal English!


::Tanka waves to the crowd, holding her award, and heads offstage with Bedivere at her side. The Texas bat waves his hat, hollering for effect::