::As the Rangers file off, Dale remains at the podium::

Dale: And now, it’s time to recognize the heart and soul of group, the Biggest Nutcase!


Chip (from the audience): Well, at least they picked the right presenter!


::Dale blows him a raspberry::

Dale: Now, the Biggest Nutcase is the person or persons who keep things lively. They’re the life of the party, the salt of the earth, the vinegar in the salad dressing, the—


Chip: Get on with it!


Dale: Spoilsport. Okay, here’s this year’s nominees


AQD Robert




Greyhound Bus


::Dale brings out his authentic Kablammo Man letter opener, and opens the envelope::

Dale: And now, the winner for Biggest Nutcase is—wow, there’s whole bunch of ‘em! Will, AQD Robert, pupspals, Foxhound and Greyhound Bus report to the podium, please!


::In a mass of confusion and yelling, all four of them scooted, run or drove their way to the stage, each taking their award. Accepting the award for FoxHound is Tammy. Tammy slowly walks to the podium.  She looks out at the crowd::


Tammy:  Look, I understand, you think that if you give Foxhound the award for “Biggest Nutcase” it will calm him down some.


::Tammy pauses::


Tammy: But that’s like using an atomic bomb to clean your house!


::Tammy waits for a second.::


Tammy: He’s only going to get worse now, you see, he’s going to try to out do himself.  Do you know what that means?  I hope you weren’t too fond of the moon, it won’t be here for the next GAA.  AQD Robert won’t last till his next birthday. I don’t know how Jon L. Has lasted this long.  Now would be a great time to denounce Chipphileism.


::Tammy pauses to catch her breath::


Tammy: I hope you are all happy, you pretty much just ended the world as we know it. Thank you for your time.


::Tammy takes the award and walks away slowly, leaving the audience in semi-shock. Then it’s pupspals’ turn. Pupspals shakes her head in wonder & goes up to the stage::

Pupspals:  Uh... Thanks you guys now I have book ends!

::light laughter::

Pupspals: And there wasn't even really nominees for this you guys just voted for the nominations and then for the finalists.... - I guess I am one!  Heh.  I've never been called nutcase before...  I've been called a geek, toon-i-maniac, Chopped Liver (no kidding!), Miss Warner Brothers (for my Animaniacs love - my friend was Mr. Disney), voted "Should be a cartoon character" by my high
school graduating class (along with "Mr. Disney"), but...  nutcase that's a new one!   If it's for my comedy themed fan fics or what, I don't care!  I guess I've gone a long way from that middle school girl who got a picture frame that said, "smile" on it since I didn't enough.

Well.. Thanks to God for making me this way, my parents - especially to my father for showing me "nuttiness" in my daily life...

::Flashback to when Pupspals was just a little puppy...  She's in her room on
her bed waiting to be tucked in for the night. Pupspals' mom kisses her good night & leaves the room.  Pupspals' dad waits for her to leave.::

Pupspals' dad:  Oh, and Chip & Dale want to say good night too!

::He grabs the stuffed animals of C&D and hold them up in front of her.::

Pupspals' dad: [in Chip-like imitation voice]  Night, night!  Have a good
night's rest!
[in Dale-like imitation voice] Bed already?  We were just having fun!
[Chip] Dale, she needs her sleep.  She's got school tomorrow!
[Dale]  So?
[Chip] So?  So?!

Pupspals' mom: [yelling from living room]  Go to bed!  You did this last
night!  She needs sleep.  Quit goofing around!

Pupspals' dad: [Chip] See?  She needs to go to bed!
[Dale] Oh, okay...  Once the lights go out then we can party!
[Chip] Oh, no!  She's really gonna sleep!  Besides, how can we play
tomorrow if she's too tired?
[Dale] You're never to tired to play!
[Chip] I'm looking out for her unlike someone else I know...
[Dale] What do you mean by that?!

The two stuffed animals start a tumbling/wresting match in a mock fight.::

Pupspals' mom: [yelling from living room] Go to bed!

Pupspals' dad: [yelling back] That's what I was just telling her to do!  *sigh*  Good night!

::Pupspals' dad tucks her in.  He starts to walk out and sees a stuffed Webby from DuckTales on top of a pile of stuffed animals::

Pupspals' dad: [Webby] What about me?  I always get left out now!  Ever since Chip & Dale have come I haven't see her at all!

::Pupspals' dad brings Webby over to say good night too.  Just as he starts to have her talk the lights go out.  Pupspals & Pupspals' dad look over to see Pupspals' mom at the light switch.::

Pupspals' mom:  [sing-song-ish] Good night...

::Pupspals' dad kisses her & tucks in each stuffed animal as well as Pupspals, wishes her goodnight & leaves::

:: back to current day - Pupspals on stage giving speach.

Pupspals: ... Thanks also to my friends for not condemning my cartoon obcessions, my teachers for dealing with my numerous cartoon papers & projects - even for the anonymous writing competency test, they're gonna know it's me... - , the other nomenees: AQD Robert (I actually voted for you!), CD, Foxhound, Greyhound Bus, & all you guys for voting!  Thanks for the award!

::Pupspals starts to walk off stage when is stopped by Dale::

Dale:  Wait, wait!  Don't leave yet!  You get this too!

Pupspals:  Huh?

::Pupspals turns around & is handed a fancy box.  She opens it.  Inside is a walnut.::

Pupspals:  Oh!  A nut-case for the nutcase.  I get it!

::She waves the statue & the case as she walks off stage & back to her seat. Then Greyhound Bus lets his presence be known::


Greyhound Bus: Well i can start off by sayin “Da Cafe's da bomb!!!” it even has a nifty little parking area for us buses and that means a lot.being a fellow Rangerphile sucked me in and made me stay and y’all pulled da bus in and made him part of the family and that means alot! Plus on top that,there's some wild n crazy folks here i can hang wit....like ole Rob n Bock's car...and Wayc and who cant forget about Foxhound. ok I’m makin dis too long so ill cut it for now so remember,if you need a ride, holla at da bus.....cause Limos are evil and we buses have way more luxury features than a Limo can ever dream of carry'in!! *Blows his freight train horns while flashing his lights* ITS PARTY TIME!!!!!!!WOOOOOOO!!!!!!


::Finally comes AQD Robert. He simply jumps in the passenger’s side seat of Greyhound Bus and points offstage::



::Greyhound Bus obliges, and Dale heads off with them, grabbing onto Greyhound Bus’ emergency door handle::