::Boney M´s “Rasputin” is played in the background, as Thunderbolt is entering the scene with Aleu from “Balto”, as disco lights and a mirror ball illuminates the stage::


Thunderbolt: Good evening! I have a special guest with me tonight, and it is my new girlfriend Aleu from Nome in Alaska!


Aleu: The internet has everything today, and you can find everything, just like dog food, reviews of animated dog movies, and travel info about Russia!


Thunderbolt: It has also a lot of links about two mice, a fly and two chipmunks, who started a superhero group known as The Rescue Rangers! This team of crime fighting adventurers has developed a large devoted fan base that is still growing after all these years.


This is evident by the many wonderful websites that these fans have created to honor the Rangers. Unfortunately only a handful of can be nominated for best website, and only one website has the privilege to winning this coveted award.


And the nominees for all-time best website are:


RR Database (the original)

The Foxglove Feature

“The Acorn Cafe”, Stephen Clouse, Indy and a cast of thousands (of posts)

“The (Reborn) RR Database”, Winston

“Tanka's CDRR Mistakes and Trivia”, Tanka

“The World Association of Montyphiles (WAM)”, Jeff Parkes

“ The Acorn Cafe Guest Map”, Pupspals


::Thunderbolt receives the envelope, tied around a chew bone::

Thunderbolt: And now, the Rangerphiles have selected as Best All-Time Website for 2004…The Acorn Café!


::The crowd gets up in monstrous applause. Dr. Indy tries to get Stephen Clouse to go up to receive the honor, but Stephen simply pushes him out into the aisle. After a little more arguing, Dr. Indy goes up to the podium::

Dr. Indy: Well, I certainly can’t accept this honor for myself. The Café is the Rangerphile presence online, so it’s an award we all share together. But first, we have to acknowledge Natasha Kashefipour, who came up with the idea in the first place. Thanks Tasha, and thanks also to Julie Bihn for helping me run the place for several years. And the biggest thanks go to Stephen Clouse for keeping us online and going—without him, the Café would be pale shadow of what it is now. Thanks, everyone!


::Music and cheers escort Dr. Indy offstage, and Thunderbolt and Aleu are right behind::