::Dr. Indy remains at the podium, adjusting his fedora. Itís a long night, and still quite a ways to go::

Dr. Indy: Now, I have the pleasure to award the Golden Acorn for Most Improved Author. Itís one thing to be the best, but quite another to take that first great step and start growing as a writer. Itís a process, built story upon story just as houses are built brick by brick. Each story is a milestone on the path to the ultimate end, and some milestones are bigger than others. So itís to the author who crossed the most milestones in 2004 that we give this award.


The nominees are as follows:





AQD Robert

Morgan K.



Dr. Indy: All deserving in their own right. Okay, envelope pleaseÖ


::Monterey Jack brought out the envelope, Dr. Indy nodding to the Aussie mouse as he left the stage::

Dr. Indy: And our most improved author this year isÖAQD Robert! Iím told he couldnít be here tonight, but wishes everyone here well. Donít worry, weíll put in the box with any others he gets.


::Dr. Indy waves, taking the award and writing up an address label::