::Just behind the podium, almost indiscernible at first, a hooded figure began to materialize.  Those who had been looking directly at the podium had difficulty pinpointing in their minds when exactly they first noticed the translucent figure begin to take shape.  No sooner had all eyes been focused on the podium than the form finally achieved a truly solid appearance.  The
face of the hooded figure being completely obscured, there was some concern as to who exactly it was, but many of the more serious fears were dispelled as the hood was drawn back to reveal Gadget's mystically inclined niece, Raven, first encountered in "The Ties That Bind"::

Raven: Those nominated for Best All-Time Artist are people whose body of works have been so consistently outstanding that their efforts make an impression felt well beyond the space of a single year.  The energetic artists whose passions and skill have been prominently noted within the Rangerphile community are:

Charles Williams,
John Lemerond,
Tanka and

::Producing a sealed envelope from within her dark cloak, Raven prepares to read off the name of the soon to be celebrated artist::

Raven: The award for Best All-Time Artist for 2004 goes to...Fish!

Dale: Sturgeon! Sturgeon! Sturgeon!


Chip: Dale, that’s so stupid.


Dale: You’re just jealous ‘cause I thought of it first!


::Fish comes up on stage, humbled by the accolades::

Fish: Hey, you know I didn’t do anything this year! Well, anyway I appreciate your liking “Of Mice and Mayhem” and that you still think what I did’s worthy of recognition. I just enjoy being a part of this and…oh my!


::Fish looks at his watch::

Fish: Sorry folks, gotta scoot. My plane to Morocco leaves in half an hour! Thanks again!


::Fish moves quick, award in hand, and goes offstage to the applause of the crowd with the theme to “Road to Morocco” played by the orchestra. As the applause for the recipient dies down, Raven starts off towards the edge of the stage, visibly fading as she goes.  She becomes wholly invisible before reaching the curtains::