::Zipper flies out on stage in a tux followed by Monty::


Zipper:  Buzz, buzz, buzz.  buzz buzz....


::Zipper continues while Monty translates::


Monty:  Er, the little guy wanted to give some award but we thought he couldn't 'cause, well you know.  But he kept insisting so Gadget invented that chip thing. But Zipper said he didn’t like it so he took it off.


Zipper:  Buzz.  BUZZ! buzzzzzz...


Monty:... Then he decided to go all out for this award to prove us wrong. So I'm here to translate for you his presentation for Best Poet.  Before he goes plumb loco the nominees are: Bock's Car 509, Cyber Daimyo, Ray Jones & Indy. Alright, Zipper go for it.


::Zipper pulls out a piece of paper & reads it.  Monty translates it::


Monty (for Zipper):


Hello to all, dear Rangerphiles.

I'm sure you noticed all the piles

of awards that are here to give to

the best of whom their reward is due.


As you have seen I'm talking in rhyme

for to not do so would be a crime.

This Golden Acorn is for the one

who for best poet this prize has won.


It is an honor to give the prize

to the winner from the one who flies.

To you congratulations are due.

Bock’s Car the winner is you!


::bock's car walks up to podium and takes award, again thanking the presenter::


Bock’s Car: Woo Hoo! Now I have two, I can make book-ends! Seriously, I am flattered to be thought of so highly. Coming from all of my friends here, this is indeed an honor. Your praise means a great deal to me. I hope I can return the favor. Thank you, and good luck to all of you.


::Bock's picks up the award and walks offstage. Zipper and Monty head off, Zipper still buzzing and Monty arguing something with him about “Iambic Pentameter”::