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::Jon stands up and comes on stage, Jolly Rogers and Ratatouille joining in the applause::


Jon: I am so pleased that everyone enjoys my artwork so much. It is a real honor to receive this award. Thank you all for you kindness.


Jolly Rogers: NN reports ‘ere that he couldn’t get away from home to be here, but he’s mighty pleased to have these here pictures be liked and thanks you all a lot. Arrgh! And he’s got something mighty nice of his own to show you—it’s an April Fool’s story in pictures!


<img src="http://www.indyranger.com/makingof.jpg">


Ratatouille: He said ‘Arggh’?


Jolly Rogers: No lad. I added that for effect.


Ratatouille: Peasant.


::Jolly Rogers and Ratatouille head off-stage, follow Jon as he waves to the clapping audience::