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       The 2008 GA Awards

2008 found us on the high seas, surrounded by Pi-Rats, aliens, nefarious criminals and their ninja monkeys--and of course, Ograth. The Awards finalists put forth a very high level of quality this year, with great artwork by Red Sonic of "Ranger Days" fame along with a great comic-sized effort by Severe Weather Eddie!

2008's big winners were Trash in the Artwork categories, Zaptiftun & Mr. Spumoni for their well-received story "Awakening" and Gyrotank with an English translation of his Russian novel "'Tomorrow' is For 'Never'".

Lane83ky received the 2008 Rookie of the Year award, a testament to her popularity with the community. Lauren has shown her a good contributor to the community thus far. John Nowak received the 2008 Lifetime Achievement award, marked by a memorable (if at times frightening) acceptance by Widget herself.