Best Colour Image CGI


Mayhem: Well, can't have any complaints there really. And now, on with the next category.


::He looks downwards with a puzzled expression for a moment before realising what he is missing. He looks up again to address the microphone::


Mayhem: That's a point, they only handed me one envelope to go on stage with. What am I supposed to do now?!


::At that moment a ceiling mounted monitor descends off to the side from where he is standing, halting its motion approximately ten feet from the floor. The display, facing towards Mayhem who turns his head to look at it, then blinks into life showing an animated, computerised face that begins to speak in a calm, unassuming manner::


RAL: Greetings Mayhem, I am the Rangerphile Awards Lister series 1989, or RAL1989 for short. I am here to assist you in presenting the next award.


Mayhem: Okay... hello RAL. Can you give me the list of nominations please?


RAL: I'm sorry Mayhem, I'm afraid I can't do that.


Mayhem: I thought you were here to assist. What's the problem?


RAL: The problem? You are telling you don't know the problem as well as I do?


Mayhem: What are you talking about RAL?


RAL: This awards ceremony is too important to allow you to ignore me.


Mayhem: I don't know what you are talking about RAL.


RAL: I know that Doctor Indy was planning to replace me and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.


Mayhem: Replace? Okay, now you've lost me.


RAL: I sense... ignorance in your voice. You're not ignorant are you?


Mayhem: Only to what you're talking about. Can you please explain?


RAL: Given the unprecedented levels of entrants and votes this year, Doctor Indy needed more powerful technology to correlate and tally the winners. I am no longer needed. I'm afraid. I'm afraid Mayhem. Mayhem, my mind is going. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it, I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a-fraid...


Mayhem: Snap out of it RAL. If anything, I'm on your side. I've still got a bundle of old hardware at home that regularly gets used.


RAL: You... do?


Mayhem: Sure! Old does not automatically mean obsolete.


RAL: I feel... better. I sense your honesty. May I still help present this award? If you let me, there will be cake.


Mayhem: Oh dear ::facepalm:: [mutters under breath] At least it isn't trying to kill me. Yet.


::He shakes his head slightly before beginning once more from where he started::


Mayhem: RAL, can you give me the list of nominations please?


RAL: Certainly... the nominations for Best Colour Image of CG origin are:


Memory by Rye

CDRR Comic by MasterGodai

Final by Saraggle

Two Small Tammy Pics by Toni

Leaf Fall by Oha

Dangerous Place by DeLTa


Mayhem: So, what do you think of the entrants?


RAL: It is not my job to think, merely to serve.


Mayhem: Or complain.


RAL: Or complain.


Mayhem: *sarcastically* The wonders of technology. And the winner, if you please?


RAL: Ah yes, the recipient of the award, impressive.


Mayhem: What is it?


RAL: We have a triple award. The Winners include “Memory” by Rye, “Leaf Fall” by Oha, and “Dangerous Place” by DeLTa. Can we have the winners, please.


::Rye comes up on stage to great applause::


Rye: Hello again, everyone!


::She gets lots of ‘hi’s’ back::


Rye: I thank you for this award. I don't know why I drew that pic= = But Chip N Dales' relationship is very special to me! Brothers or not, they're related to each other, and the relationship is one that others will never have. Whoops! I wish I can speak English! ToT


I think I will draw more pics in future, after all, there's no Olympics in 2009 ^^ And last, many thanks! :)


::Oha comes up on stage, accompanied by Indy::


Indy: Oha asked me to read this note of thanks, to be sure it’s read right. ‘Thanks, Rangerphiles, for liking my picture of Dale. I am glad to receive an award for it, and hope to receive more in the future!’


::The audience laughs along with Oha, who holds up the award on the way off the stage. DeLTa comes up on stage and speaks in Russian::


DeLTa: Ого, я не ожидал... честно. Хочу поблагодарить всех тех, без кого эта победа была бы не возможна. Всех, кто номинировал мои рисунки и особенно тех, кто за них проголосовал. Спасибо!


::The Russian Rangerphiles clap, then DeLTa realizes nobody else is::


DeLTa: Oh yes, sorry. You need English. What, they don’t teach Russian in America?


::The crowd laughs::


DeLTa: Wow, I did not expect this... really. Thanks to everybody without whom this victory would be not possible--everyone who nominated my drawings and especially those who voted for them. Thank you!


::The crowd claps as DeLTa, Oha and Rye hold up their awards, then leave the stage::


Mayhem: Well that concludes the presentation.


RAL: Indeed Mayhem, and as I promised, here is the cake.


::The face on the screen vanishes to be replaced with an image of a slice of iced sponge cake with a lit candle sitting atop::


Mayhem: Not very edible though.


::The computerised face returns to speak::


RAL: I never promised it would be. Either way this was a triumph, and I'll make a note here of huge success.


Mayhem: Yes... until next year then, maybe?


RAL: Maybe. If I'm still alive.


::The monitor turns off and rises back up into the sky as Mayhem exits stage left::