Best poetic imagery


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::As the applause from the previous award begins to fade, attention is drawn stage right. From the wings emerges a stunning black 1970 Buick GSX. The vintage muscle car pulls up behind the podium, and a figure clad in a black tux climbs out. bock's has somehow managed to sneak a car on board. bock's walks to the other side of the vehicle and opens the passenger door. Extending a hand, bock's helps Lawhiney out of the car. She is wearing a dress best described as........ SASSY! Together, they approach the podium. bock's begins to address the audience::


[color=#FF0000]Good evening, friends. Y'all are gonna have to put up with me once again, so try thinking about post-award party while I give my usual hatchet job. I'll try to keep it brief.[/color]


[color=#0000FF]Just like your attention span?[/color]


[color=#FF0000]Don't start anything, girl.[/color]


[color=#0000FF]HELLO!!!!! It's what I do.[/color]


[color=#FF0000]And with such enthusiasm![/color]


[color=#0000FF]Just for that, I'm taking your car.... Again.[/color]


[color=#FF0000]Not gonna happen.[/color]


[color=#0000FF]Oh.......? What's to stop me?[/color]


::Without warning, bock's reaches into his jacket and pulls a Ruger Super Blackhawk. Spinning around, he raises the weapon....




Raising the barrel to his lips, bock's blows smoke from the muzzle. The car begins to settle as air leaks from one of the tires. bock's, deadpan, replies...::


[color=#FF0000]It has a flat. Yes!!! The bock's rocks!!![/color]


[color=#0000FF]You're not all there, are you[/color].


[color=#FF0000]Guilty as charged. But it's time we returned to business. [/color]


[color=#0000FF]All-righty-then. Okay folks, tonight, we honor the poet who has best mastered the art of turning words into visions, of giving life to Verse. One has proven to best display this talent, and we honor that person this evening. The nominees are…[/color]


“To Bee or Not To Bee” by Bubbles' Big Brother

"I'll Give You a Dawn As a Keepsake” by Montery Jack

"After the Mission”, by Mr. Spumoni

"Gadget's Delay”, by Bubbles' Big Brother

“Where Dreams May Lead” by Bubbles' Big Brother

“How Long – A Lament” by Zaptiftun


[color=#FF0000]Tonight, the winner of "Best Poetic Imagery" is...Mr. Spumoni for “After the Mission” and Montery Jack for "I'll Give You a Dawn As a Keepsake”. Congratulations![/color]


::As ‘Psycho’ by Puddle of Mudd begins to play out over the crowd of the Walt Disney Theater Spumoni’s ears perk up and he faces the stage with a big grin on his face.


::He waves to the crowd as he comes down to the stage, blowing kisses to no one in particular::


Spu (climbing up the stairs): Well, wow, here we go again, eh?


::He takes hold of the Golden Acorn and shakes the hand of the presenter. He holds the award up high and listens as the crowd applauds::


Spu (smirking): “So, you liked the way that I killed off all the Rangers, their friends, family, and associates?


::The crowd laughs::


Spu: Sometimes we need to take ourselves a little less seriously, and if letting my words and pictures that were presented in After the Mission struck you just right, then I say go with it!


::Spumoni waves to the crowd and then a large well-dressed mouse comes up on the stage. He bears a striking resemblance to Monterey Jack and is only a tiny bit, just about the size of a single letter, smaller then the Aussie. He speaks with a pronounced Russian accent::


MONTERY JACK: Good evening! Thank you for this honorary prize! I'm very glad that you liked my humble work and appraised it so much, and being a novice to the Cafe I'm twice as honored! Much thanks to everyone who read and evaluated my poetry, and my story. For my part I tried to create a light romantic atmosphere and hope I managed to make it.


I also want to thank my friends and colleagues from the Russian CDRR Headquarters: Gyrotank, for his invaluable help with the translation and Tanka for her romantic story "The Dawn" which inspired me to write this story. If hadn't been for them, I wouldn't have been here now!


Thanks again to all of you! Hope to meet you in a year at the next ceremony!


::As Montery Jack takes his prize his moustache sticks out to the sides, his vision blurrs and he bellows "A-A-ACO-O-O-RN-N-N!" Entranced, he leaves the stage and floats across the hall to his place. Spumoni bows again as the crowd applauds and he leaves the stage holding the Golden Acorn over his head. Lawhiney exits stage left as bock's recruits a few frieds to push the crippled Buick off stage::