††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† -------------------------------


[color=#800000]::With another perfect day in paradise, the party-goers on Castaway Cay found themselves in great happiness and anticipation of the night's festivites. The Rangers were equally excited, meeting and greeting various Rangerphiles near the red carpeted entrance to the spectacular ship Wonder. Dale had a mini digital camera and clicked away constantly with it::


Chip: Dale, slow down with that thing! You won't have any pictures left for the ceremony inside.[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale:Don't worry, Chip.I know what I'm doing! I've got a jillion memory cards.I need to keep an eye outóI heard on the grapevine that Elvis would be here tonight, so I can't take any chances![/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget:Dale, Elvis did in the 70's.How could he be here?[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale:He faked his death to escape the limelight. And donít forget the space aliens!


[color=#800000]::Dale brought out a map and shoved it in Chipís face::[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: Weíre right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle! Aliens could swoop down any minute and take us to their planet! But donít worry, Iím prepared![/color]


[color=#800000]::Chip sighs, realizing itís going to be another long night::


Chip: Dale, you donít really believe that the Bermuda Triangleís infested with aliens, do you?


::Chip turned to stare Dale down, but found the red-nosed chipmunk was wearing a pirate hat, covered with tinfoil::


Chip: Gimme that!


::Chip grabbed for the hat but Dale dodged him::


[color=#FF0022]Dale: No, no! This is my protection. This way, none of the aliens will know Iím wise to him. They canít steal my thoughts![/color]


Chip: As if any of them were worth stealingÖ[/color]


[color=#408000]Monty:Just don't get distracted, lad.Remember the awards are tonight.We've got to keep an eye out for any trouble. Seems like every year someone tries to steal those things.[/color]


[color=#800000]Chip: Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if Fat Cat, Sewernose and Nimnul were teamed up and after them this time. Everyone keep a sharp lookout. They're bound to be disguised.


::Gadget pointed to a large group of human and animals walking toward them, down the dock, dressed like pirates::[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget: You mean like them?[/color]


Dale: Hey, great picture! Nah, that's just some of the crew and other guests and all. It's Pirate Night on board--all the crew and everybody not going to the Awards'll probably be wearing pirate stuff. Hey, maybe I can get me a new pirate hat![/color]


[color=#800000]Chip:Dale, the last time you wore a pirate hat we all nearly died.Just leave it all alone.We're here to keep things safe.Just stay focused.[/color]


[color=#FF8000]Tammy:Oh, Chipper![/color]


[color=#800000]::Tammy rushed over, dressed as a pirate and hugged him.She put a pirate hat on over his hat::[/color]


[color=#FF8000]Tammy:I hope I'll get to dance with you after the awards, Chipper![/color]


[color=#800000]Chip: Not now, Tammy. We're watching out for anyone who might be after stealing the Awards.[/color]


Tammy: Oh, you're just being silly. Who's gonna be able to steal those trophies and go anywhere with them on a boat in the middle of the ocean? Now I'm not moving until you promise me a dance![/color]


[color=#800000]Chip: Okay, okay, okay.[/color]


[color=#FF8000]Tammy: Whee![/color]


[color=#800000]::She kissed Chipper on the cheek::[/color]


[color=#FF8000]Tammy: This is going to be such a great night. Oh look, there's Fish! Hi, Fish![/color]


[color=#800000]::Dale tapped Chip on the back::[/color]


Dale: Hey, you don't have to be jealous anymore. You finally got a pirate hat, Captain Bligh! Hahahahahaha![/color]


[color=#800000]::Gadget looked nervous suddenly::[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget:Just remember guys, I know what a hammer is.[/color]


[color=#800000]Chip:What's that mean?[/color]


[color=#800000]::Gadget pointed across the room as Lawhinie entered, with a rat by her side, a dark gray rat with a chef's hat on::[/color]


[color=#408000]Monty: Oooh, it's that rat from Ratatooie or however you pronounce it.I gotta remember to share some of my cheese recipes with him![/color]


[color=#800000]::The Rangers watched as Lahwhinie went by, who winked and blew a kiss toward Chip. Tammy, who had been talking with Fish and his son, took time to glare at the Hawaiian hussy before taking up her mile-a-minute chatter again. Meanwhile, the pirate-bedecked crowd had entered the ship and soon the crowd dispersed. However, a group of about a dozen rats remained together, looking all about::[/color]


[color=#0000FF]Stormy: Cap'n, this here ship's bigger than any pirate ship I've even seen![/color]


[color=#0000BF]Jolly Rogers: Arr, that she be, matey. But with so many pirates on board already, we might run into a fight or two before we get where we're going.[/color]


[color=#0000FF]Stormy: Where's that, Cap'n?[/color]


[color=#0000BF]Jolly Rogers: You let me worry about that for now, lad. You and the rest will know soon enough...[/color]