Best Original Male Character


Mayhem: You got me on a three-for-one package deal of presenting here. The final award in the trilogy is for Best Original Male Character. Be it a hero or a villain, something the nomination lists bears in both respects, or someone who happens to be located somewhere in between, I...


::Suddenly and without warning a figure dashes onto the stage towards the podium, Mayhem only able to make out who when they are close enough to be illuminated sufficiently from the darkness. It is Tammy::


Mayhem (to Tammy, and not picked up by the microphone): Erm, hi...?


::She grabs the microphone, directing it towards her instead, before then starting to sing into it::


Tammy: Ooooooooooh, I need a squirr-el! I'm holding out for a squirr-el till the end of the night! He's got to be strong, and I need him real fast, and his tail has got to look right! I need a squirr-el! I'm holding out for a squirrel till the morn-ing light! He's got to be sure, and he's got to be mine, and he wants me for his wife! For his wi-ife


::Mayhem looks somewhat puzzled by this random turn of events after she is done spouting lyrics, and pulls the microphone back towards him::


Mayhem: I'm sorry Tammy, but there are no squirrels in this list. We've got a mouse or two, a rat, a couple of humans, other specific species, something demonic...


::A loud cry of "Tacoooooooooooooooooooooos!" erupts from somewhere in the audience at that moment::


Dale (from the audience): Og-rath! Og-rath! Og-rath!


Mayhem: ...but no definitely no squirrels. Sorry.


Tammy: Aw phooey!


Mayhem: Why the sudden outburst and invasion of the stage though?


Tammy: I just thought... well, ya know, if there were any eligible males out there in the audience looking for a cute female squirrel and...


Mayhem: I can think of one but I think his heart's elsewhere.


Tammy: Isn't that just the case though?! Gadget this and Gadget that! And I thought it was just Chip... I'm sorry Gadget, you're my best friend and all, but please, could you pass one of them my way?


::There a brief moment of partial response from the front of the audience, where the words "golly", "exact", "standards", "upside the head" and "send them in your direction" can be made out clearly but not much else::


Mayhem: And that has to be one of the most public dating advertisements I've seen or heard in a while.


::The crowd laughs::


Tammy: Sorry for intruding Mayhem, and thanks for mentioning me in the last award presentation! You're actually quite the candidate yourself...


::She gives him a kiss on the cheek and then skips off the stage. All the while he contemplates what just happened with a mixture of amusement, bemusement and that he just got kissed by a cute female squirrel who apparently insinuated that she likes him::


Mayhem: Drifting back to the matter at hand, the actual nominations for Best Original Male Character are:


Ograth from Ranger Days by Red Sonic

Rowf from Tears for the Devil by Bubbles' Big Brother

Matt from Time Waits for No One by Mayhem

Vader from Tomorrow Is For Never by Gyrotank

Steve from Awakening by Zaptiftun and Mr. Spumoni

Todd from Diamonds in the Desert by Midnight Man

Charles Henry Ronos from Time Waits for No One by Mayhem

Lord Edward Ratigan from Return to Destiny by RangerReady


Mayhem: I've got a funny feeling I know who this is going to go, but best open the envelope and find out for certain. Let's see here... the winner of Best Original Male Character goes to...


::Mayhem opens the envelope, ticking the card inside up slightly so he could just barely read the name. He looks over at Indy, who appears to be biting his lip, trying very hard not to laugh. He looks out to the audience as if deciding whether he really should read out the name, or perhaps he was considering how fast the winner could get to the stage and if he could get off faster::


Mayhem: Get it up for Ograth!




::Ograth takes his award and heads offstage. Mayhem appears again from stage left::


Mayhem: And with that, you might see me again later. Tara for now, hah hah...!


::He finally exits the stage for the next presenter to fill, but not in Ograth’s direction::