::After the previous presentation’s applause ceases, a platypus takes the stage in the slick black tux he wore for the occasion. Sara walks up next to Race, wearing a purple dress that glimmers. It drapes down to just below her knees and spaghetti straps drape over her shoulders. Race taps the microphone twice and adjusts his collar. He looks into the crowd with a serious look::


Race: I’ve called you all here today to discuss the act of ’being helpful’. This action can be associated with giving a boost…


::Sara holds up an Energy drink::


Race: …making convenience…


::Sara claps her hands and the entire room goes dark::


::The audience murmurs a bit before the sound of Chip running onto the stage is heard::


::They can hear Chip whispering, “Not the right time! Not the right place! Get a room!”::


Race: But I have to give the presentation!


Chip: Well let’s not make it a Biology presentation!!


::Chip then claps as the lights pop back on and walks back behind the curtain, shaking his head. Race continues the presentation as if nothing has happened::


Race: We are here to discuss the Most Helpful Rangerphile of 2008! This is that boost-of-an-energy drink Rangerphile! This is that Rangerphile that claps to dim the lights! The boyscout or girlscout of the Rangerdom!! THIS IS THE RANGERPHILE WHO WE HAVE CHOSEN TO HELP GRANDMAS CROSS THE STREET!!!!


::Race falls over from all the excitement, at which Sara gracefully takes over::


Sara: We are lucky to have helpful people all around the fandom! Someone that gives info when you ask, draws requests, or someone who helps edit the stories. The fandom has voted, and now onto the nominees!


::She bends over her platypus and finds a crumpled up piece of paper, opens it up and reads::


Sara: And the nominees are:





Sara: Uhm….what?


::Sara looks at the audience, confused, and then flips the grocery list over, finding Race’s scribbled notes::


Sara: Oh! The nominees are:




Mr. Spumoni




Sara: That’s quite a line up! And the winner of the 2008 Most Helpful Rangerphile goes to pupspals!


::Pupspals blushes slightly but smiles & walks up to the podium. She gladly takes the award from (insert name here) & stands behind the mic::

Pupspals: Well as my animated co-workers would say, ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’


::The audience laughs::


Pupspals: Thank you guys! What an honor to win this for a second year in a row! I'm glad you guys find me helpful. I try to pitch in & answer questions when I can (keeping in mind what I'm allowed to & not allowed to say regarding what I work on), but this place as a whole is so helpful & kind to everyone I often feel like I'm not helping out enough. Again, I'm honored & happy! I was starting to wonder if my win at least one thing every year I'm eligible for a GA streak was going to keep up!

As usual I'd like to thank God, my parents & those who voted for this award! Thanks a lot guys!!

::pupspals walks off stage with (insert name here) waving to the crowd. Sara applauds the winner, leans over, and gives Race a kiss. He instantly rises up and floats behind Sara back to their seats. Chip shakes his head off-stage and mentions something to Indy about the lights. Indy nods and mentions something about “rationing the energy drinks”::