Most Informative Website


::Gadget hurries up onto the stage::

Gadget: Hello, everybody! I'm here to present the award for Most Informative Website. Oh, no, wait, you know that already don't you? I mean, you would know that it you'd checked your programme. I mean, not out of boredom or anything, but if you were just keeping track of which presentation was supposed to be next. And if you weren't, then you would know now, right? So... um... what comes next... oh, yes! Nominees. No. Wait. Before nominees...

::Gadget stares into space for a moment, trying to remember::

Gadget: Oh, yes! Introductory speech. Hi, everyone! I'm Gadget - no, wait, I'm supposed to be introducing the award, not myself. This award is for the most informative website, and that means that the website containing the most useful information is going to be the winner. And it's important to note that word 'useful', because if you just try to measure the total information contained in a webpage - which is actually a lot easier than it sounds, all you need to do is download it, zip all the files together into one zip file and…


::Gadget notices that most of the faces in the audience are looking very blank::

::She clears her throat::

Gadget: Well anyhow, if you were to do that then you might end up awarding the award to a page with a lot of useless information. Which would then be useless. Not the page, I mean, even one that does have a lot of useless information will also have some useful information as well, you see.

Now the nominees. The first nominee is The Acorn Cafe - I'm sure I don't need to introduce that one to you. I mean, you do all know it, right? Right?

::There's a chorus of assent from the audience::

Gadget: Right. The second nominee is the Russian CDRR Portal. It's merely the tip of the iceberg of a large and populous Russian fandom. Third is the Ranger Wiki; started because of a disagreement between some Rangerphiles and some Wikipedia editors about the notability of the Rangers in general, it has now expanded into a very useful resource. It still has more holes in it than Swiss cheese, so Midnight needs your help, alright?


::Gadget continues talking as the nominees are displayed on the screen behind here and Indy looks at his watch offstage::


Gadget: Fourth is the RRDatabase; a collection of images and fanfics that seems to continually outlast the ability of any particular maintainer to maintain it. Though it changes servers - and maintainers - every now and then, the site still has a strong continuity, and forms a central reading location for any new Rangerphiles. Fifth is "Fansite of the Forgotten Ranger: A Zipper Fan Site" by Isabel.


::Gadget takes on a more serious look at this point::


Gadget: I've noticed that Zipper often gets overlooked - or, given that he's flying around above our heads most of the time, perhaps that should be underlooked - more often than the other Rangers in fanfics, leading to a variety of stories centered around his, well, underlooked status; Isabel is attempting to change that with her site. Including a "Zipper Speaks" section giving his lines in each episode. Sixth is Chip 'n Dale Online; another site very much like the Cafe, only expanded to explicitly include the original Chip and Dale shorts rather than limiting itself to their later career in the Rescue Rangers.

::Gadget pauses a moment, showing mild surprise::


Gadget: They originally had shorts? I've got to try to look those up sometime. Anyway. And the winner is...

::A drum roll starts up backstage while Indy breathes a sigh of relief. Gadget pulls an envelope out of her jumpsuit, opens it up, and reads the contents::

Gadget: Dear Gadget - Happy Valen-

::She stopped abruptly, blushes, and quickly returns the envelope to her pocket as a few laughs from the audience spur her to find the right one::


Gadget: Um. Wrong envelope. Sorry.

::Removing a different envelope from her pocket, Gadget announces once again, to the accompaniment of a restarted drum roll::


Gadget: And the winner is...

The Ranger Wiki!


::The crowd cheers as Midnight Man comes up on stage and takes the podium—or rather, stands behind it::

Midnight: I regard this collective award as a sign. As a sign and a proof that the Ranger Wiki continues to fulfill its purpose, namely to provide Rangerphiles with all sorts of information. There's still a whole lot of work to do, and I believe that it'd take us decades to get it near completeness. But as far as I myself can see as a user rather than an editor, it has grown really useful over the few years it's old by now, and—of course—informative.


::The crowd cheers again as Midnight waves while takes his award and exits the stage. Gadget left, stage left::