2008 Rookie of the Year


::It is time for the wolf to once again return to the stage as he steps across the spotlight lit floor to reach the podium at the front::


Mayhem: Well we're almost done for another year here. How time flies when you're having fun and everything like that. This next award is for Rookie of the Year, a noble and dutiful selection of the Cafe member who has made the most notable, prominent or mad entrance into the community in the last twelve months.


:;He looks a little wistful and starts to recollect somewhat::


Mayhem: I remember the day I joined, after all everyone has to start somewhere. Happy days...


::After a moment's pause he then turns a little annoyed::


Mayhem: And yet I never even made the nominations for this award last year, what were you thinking people?!


::Realising where this is leading, he rapidly coughs and composes himself::


Mayhem: I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me there. Temporary insanity. Or maybe temporary sanity, given so many of you think me mad to begin with.


::The comment prompts laughter from random sections of the audience::


Mayhem: Yes, you people out there, the ones who keep leaving the comment "insane Brit" in the "Love In" thread. Yes, you indeed! You should go on Mastermind, specialist subject the bleeding obvious.


::As a result he gets a little caught up in his own joke and momentarily forgets why he's on stage in the first place. When the brain snaps to reality, he continues to speak::


Mayhem: To help bring back memories of the past, I'd like to invite last year's winner Crashburn up onto the stage for a brief word.


::After a few moments a reddish brown squirrel enters from the left and joins Mayhem at the podium::


Mayhem: Dawn did say last year that you could help give it away.


Crashburn: Did she? Gosh, I plum forgot about that.


Mayhem: Some of us have very... long... memories. And no tranq darts in sight either. But before we get to the nitty gritty of presentation, let's see what you can impart to us about the moment you won.


Crashburn: I... erm... well... tears...


Mayhem: Uh huh. Then what about meeting the real Rangers in person?


Crashburn: It... was... yeah... oh...


Mayhem: I see. And when Gadget kissed you?


Crashburn: Shucks...


::The squirrel has a hard time changing colour while blushing, but it's detectable::


Mayhem: So there you have it folks, insightful and detailed commentary about what it is like to win this award, straight from the squirrel's mouth. That or I've just rendered him a gibbering wreck from recalling Gadget smooching him.


::He rolls his eyes and chuckles to himself as the audience laughs in kind::


Mayhem: When you're quite done...


Crashburn: Sorry!


Mayhem: Okay, we're at that point... finally. The nominations for Rookie of the Year are:


Bubblesí Big Brother





L. Cranston

Guukan Kitsune



Mayhem: Could be a close one this year, but there's only one way to find out. Crash, if you would do the honours.


::He hands Crashburn the envelope and then picks up the gold acorn statue to pass over as Crashburn opens it::


Crashburn: Okay, it is my great honour to present the award for Rookie of the Year to...lane83ky!


::Applause ensues. Camera pans to Lane, whose mouth is hanging open in shock. Wide-eyed, she slowly smiles and stands up and is greeted with hugs from her friends, sitting next to her. Lane walks out to the aisle way, with a wide grin. She begins to jog down the aisle, slapping hands with members of the audience on the way down. She walks up to the podium, and is hugged by Mayhem, who gives her a kiss on the cheek. He hands her the award::

::She catches her breath and looks out over the audience, who is still applauding::

Lane: Wow! Thank you so much!


::She looks at the award and her smile grows even larger::

Lane: Thank you! This is...just...incredible! Rookie of the Year?! I'm completely shocked. I really am.


::She sighs heavily and begins the speech::

Lane: Okay, I can do this. Wow.


::The audience laughs softly, most of them having been there before::


Lane: Well, first of all, I want to thank everyone who is in the Acorn Cafe and everyone who made all of this possible, including Chairman Kaga, the moderators and especially Dr. Indy, who keeps this crazy place running...

::She gives a nod to Indy, who nods back, and tips his hat::

Lane: and I want to thank all of my fellow nominees: BBB, Hawkeye, Zap, Ice, Cranston, Guukan, and t.s. I'm so honored to be in the same category as all of you. I certainly thought I wasn't going to win when I saw who I was up against. I'd like everyone to recognize them, because they are truly just as much, if not more than, worthy of this award as I. Could you guys stand up for a minute?

::BBB, Hawkeye, Zap, Ice, Cranston, Guukan, and t.s. all stand and acknowledge the thunderous applause::

Lane: These guys have truly established themselves as wonderful, talented Cafe members, and I'm proud to call all of them my friends! Thanks, guys!

::The other nominees sit, as Lane continues::

Lane: I know everyone says that it's just a privilege to be nominated, but for me, that was so true. I was happy just being nominated. Sure, I wanted to win, but I really did not expect it. You know, it's kind of funny. When I first came on and started looking at the awards banners in member's signatures, and I saw the Rookie of the Year Award Winners, and thought, 'Wow, that would be awesome, but that'll never be me.' And now...here I am!

::Audience chuckles::

Lane: Yeah, isn't that ironic? Truth be told, when I first joined up at the Cafe, it was amazing to me how quickly I was accepted. I didn't even have to do anything, except be myself. But it seemed like after just a few weeks, I didn't even feel like a newbie anymore. This place just felt like...home. And that's what it is to me. And it is so wonderful being part of the great family that this community is. And I've made some of the best friends here that anyone could ever have. The highlight of my year was going to the East Coast RangerCon, which I will treasure always. I have received so much joy from this place, this community, these glorious people....words cannot express it...

::Lane chokes up just a little::

Lane: C'mon, pull it together...


::She laughs looking around, brushing one of her eyes. Okay, it looks like Indy's starting to do his 'wrap-it-up' dance...or maybe he just has to use the restroom really badly...

::Audience laughs, and Indy smirks while shaking his head. He points at the orchestra conductor, who raises his baton, threatening to start the music::

Lane: Okay, I'm just about done! This award is honestly one of the most coveted awards out there, and I am so honored to be able to accept it, among my peers and my friends. It's my privilege to say that now I get to rank myself among some of the greatest Rangerphiles out there. I love all of you! Thank you so very much!

::The music plays as Lane waves to the applauding crowd and walks off the stage.
Mayhem and Crashburn follow suit, seen engaged in low conversation and occasional chuckling to themselves before disappearing behind the fringe curtain::