::Dale had left the theater on a snack binge, and truly there were no shortages of food vendors on the Wonder. He was halfway through a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie when the elevator doors opened nearby and a tall, thin rat got out::[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: Hey, that's a good costume for the Pirate Night. Wait a minute, he looks familiar...[/color]


::Dale walked over, just in time to hear a graveled voice call out. "Stormy, there here ain't our floor!" and the rat who had just seen Dale waved goodbye as another rat pulled him back onto the elevator and the doors closed::[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: Stormy? That was the Pi-Rats! I wonder where they're going.[/color]


[color=#800000]::Dale watched as the elevator went all the way up to Deck 11::[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: Maybe they're lost or something. Well, it's a while yet till they get going again in the theater. Time for this Rescue Ranger to do his good deed for the day![/color]


[color=#800000]::Dale spied a group of humans dressed up as pirates who were headed for the elevators. He followed at a safe distance, then hustled aboard with them. He'd planned to wait until they got off then ride the elevator to the top, but like the Pi-Rats these men were headed to Deck 11 as well. As he listened to them, the fur on his back stood up::[/color]


[color=#804080]Pirate1: Now, when we get to the bridge, we've gotta move fast. Once we're out of the Cay, we'll take her straight east.[/color]


[color=#00BF80]Pirate2: You mean, through the Triangle?[/color]


[color=#804080]Pirate1: Of course, it's the shortest way. Besides, where better to lose the authorities?[/color]


[color=#00BF80]Pirate2: I don't know, Davy. Lots of weird things happen in there.[/color]


[color=#800000]::The pirates continued to argue, while Dale brought out the length of tinfoil he'd been saving and wrapped another layer around his hat::[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale (whispering): Now those aliens won't be able to read my thoughts for sure. But somebody's gotta stop this bunch from taking the ship! Looks like it's up to me.[/color]


[color=#800000]::The elevator doors opened and Dale scooted to a good hiding place while the pirates headed for the bridge. Dale followed, taking advantage of the bridge's open door to enter as they did. Once inside, he marveled at the rows and banks of computers that made navigating the Wonder an easy task::[/color]


Dale: Wow, look at all those buttons to push. I wonder what—[/color]


[color=#800000]::A hand clasped over Dale's mouth::[/color]


Jolly Rogers: Keep it down, laddie buck. There's shenanigans afoot. Look over there.[/color]


[color=#800000]::Dale did so and saw the ship's crew with their hands up. The pirates took over the crew's stations and in a few moments the Wonder weighed anchor and started forward::[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale:  Who would be so low down as to steal a Disney ship!  [/color]


[color=#0000FF]Stormy (embarrassed): Uh, well, you see..[/color]


[color=#0000BF]Jolly Roger (covering):  Oh, aye!  We have to stop them, you need ta get yer friends over here and get these pirates out of the control room and save the day![/color]


Dale: I'll be right back![/color]


[color=#800000]::As Dale scrambled toward the door, which fortunately hadn't closed entirely, he left in a rush. Jolly Rogers turned to his men, whispering::[/color]


[color=#0000BF]Jolly Rogers: The little bucko will be back with his friends soon. Those blasted pirates beat us to the plunder! [/color]


Stormy: What'll we do, Cap'n?[/color]


[color=#0000BF]Jolly Rogers: A change of plans, mateys. We need to do some serious sabotaging.[/color]


[color=#808000]Young Ned:  Aye... we'll show that blasted King George who's not afraid of him... or the French or Spanish navies![/color]