::CrashBurn walks onto the stage and receives light applause::


CrashBurn: I've always been a fan of traditional drawings or images. This year has shown a lot of great talent in this area.


::He nods to the curtains and a young Gadget walks in, pushing a screen which she activates. Crash nods::


CrashBurn: Thanks sweetheart.


::Gadget blushes and he continues::


CrashBurn: Here are the nominations for Best Color Image (Traditional)


::The nominees pop up on the main screen::


Chip, Fantasy Warrior” by Saraggle

“Gadget in an Ancient Dress” by DeLTa

"A Slow Night at Home” by TinManNFO (Color Version)

"War Stories with Monty” by HawkeyeNFO (Color version)

“Flower Wind” by Trash

“I will be alone” by DeLTa

"'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'” cover by Trash

“Widget” by KomandoRR

“Morning Manes” by Saraggle

"Gadget with George Bush” by Archi (not ArChip)

“Big City Glow” by Trash

“I Got A Rock” by t.s.

"Discovered” by Lane83ky

"Chatting on the Fantail”

by HawkeyeNFO, "Sisters”

by Nort, “New Year’s Eve Scene” by DeLTa

"Wood and Steel”, by Trash

“Death” by Saraggle

Robodog” by KomandoRR

“New Astrid Artwork” by Toni


CrashBurn: and last but not least, "Team”, by DeLTa.


::Large applause is heard for all the displays and Crash finishes::


CrashBurn: And the winner is...


::Crash receives the envelope from the young inventor and opens it. He then rolls his eyes::


CrashBurn (slightly annoyed): Gadget…


::Young Gadget is giggling::


Young Gadget: Sorry!


::Crash displays the paper inside, revealing a crayon drawing of the Acorn Café with the words “ME!” on it. The audience is in awe of it::


::The silly mousie then gives Crash a golden envelope with an acorn on it which he opens::


CrashBurn: And the winner is…Flower Wind, drawn by Trash!!!"


::He claps his hands and so does the audience::


CrashBurn: Come on up here!


::He hands Trash his award::


Trash: What, again?


::The audience laughs. Trash takes hold of the award, now on the podium::


Trash: Thank you! This was an experiment. I can say that I have fulfilled my own technique of painting hair. And then I began to want to make flowers ...


::The audience laughs softly in appreciation::


Trash: Thanks. Thanks to you all.


::Trash takes his award and leaves before his emotions get away with him::


CrashBurn: Congrats and we all expect to see more from you this year!


Young Gadget: And more ice cream!


::Trash sits back down and Crash, followed by a giggling Young Gadget, disappear behind the curtains::