::The Rangers were just about to back into the theater for the next Awards segment when Dale came zipping out of the elevator. Out of breath, he paused for air in front of Chip::


Chip: Dale, what were you doing on the elevator? You know we're expected back inside any minute now![/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: Pi... pi... pi... *he panted*[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget: Pi? You mean 3.14159265358979323846[/color]


Monty: Apple? Blueberry? Cherry?[/color]


[color=#800000]Chip: Out with it, Dale![/color]


Dale: Pirates and pi-rats! The ship is under attack![/color]


[color=#408000]Monty: What?![/color]


::Monty rolled up the sleeves of his tuxedo::[/color]


Monty: I knew there'd be some action on this ship if we waited long enough. Where are they? Lemme at 'em![/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: Pirates in the control room, the Pi-Rats sent me to get help. Call the coastguard, the army, the marines![/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget (monotone): ....26433832795028841971693993751058209 7494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651...[/color]


Chip: Okay, we need to alert the authorities that there's trouble, but we have to deal with the problem at hand. We need to make sure crew and passengers are safe first.[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: To the elevator, pronto![/color]


::The Rangers entered one of the elevators once it reached their floor and soon they arrived at Deck 11. When the elevator doors opened, the sounds of men and rats yelling echoed down the hallway::[/color]


[color=#408000]Monty: Ain't that like pirates? They started the ruddy fight without us![/color]


[color=#FF0022]Chip: We need to be on our guard, the Pi-Rats weren't invited, so we need to watch out for their motives as well.[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget (still on the same breath): .32823066470938446095505822317...[/color]


[color=#800000]::Monty took Gadget by the shoulders and shook her lightly::[/color]


[color=#408000]Monty: Gadget, snap out of it, luv! We need ya here.[/color]


[color=#800000]::He snapped his fingers in front of her a few times and she seemed to wake::[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget: Oh, hi Monty, hey, how'd I get in an elevator all of a sudden?[/color]


[color=#408000]Monty: Come on, lass. We're may need your know-it-all to work all the controls in that bridge before it's over.[/color]


[color=#800000]::The Rangers entered the bridge and found Pi-Rats and crew giving the human pirates havoc. From Pi-Rats pummeling them with crockery to crewmembers with fists, the whole bridge was one big fight::


::Monty's eyes teared up::[/color]


[color=#408000]Monty: Don't it just make you want to shout for joy? GANGWAY![/color]


[color=#800000]::As Monty joined the fray, Chip called Gadget over to one of the ship's unattended readouts::


Chip: Gadget, if I'm reading this right, it looks like we're already out to sea and headed toward the open ocean.[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget: Its okay, Chip, we're not in any danger of collision, this course would take us right to Bermuda, so we're in no immediate danger.[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: But we're headed toward the exact center of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!![/color]


[color=#800000]Chip: Dale, I told you, that's just a myth.


::Dale took out some tinfoil and began covering Chips fedora, then wrapped Gadget's goggles for good measure::


Chip: Gadget, maybe you could talk some sense into him.


::Zipper buzzed over, annoyed and completely wrapped head to toe in tinfoil::[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget: Dale, the myth of the Bermuda Triangle is simply a matter of statistical probability--well, okay not simple but still statistical. It's based on the notion that more shipwrecks happen here than the norm, so a supernatural or extraterrestrial explanation is given. However, there's absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever for anything like that.[/color]


[color=#FF0022]Dale: None? No evidence at all?[/color]


Gadget (smiling): Nope. See how silly all your fears are?[/color]


::Dale turned Gadget's head around. As he did, all the fighting on the bridge stopped. Bright green light rays penetrated the bridge's windows, casting an emerald sheen on everything::[/color]


[color=#8040FF]Gadget: Oh, strike all that.[/color]