Best Website


::Widget gives a look to Walden... who's now looking kind of sheepish::

Walden: I'm sorry, Widget. I should have trusted you when you said you fixed it. Everything turned out okay!

Widget: aw... that's okay, Walden! Now let's put this baby back in action!

::Widget presses the remote again & the robot begins to come to life.::

Walden: It can handle ties, right?

Widget: You can tie for awards here?

Walden: *sigh* fingers crossed...


Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500: Now it is time to present the final award...

Wubbzy: Uh Oh!!

Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500: ... of this category:

Wubbzy: *Phew!*

Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500: The Best Website. Many websites are good. But only one can be the best. The nominees are: Google! Yahoo!

::Widget frowns & walks over to the robot. She smacks it on the back of it's "head". The robot makes resetting sounds::

Widget: ...model 4000 coming out next year...

Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500: The nominees for the 2008 Golden Acorn for Best Website are: RRDatabase! The Acorn Café! & the Russian CDRR Portal!

Daizy: Those are all great sites!

Wubbzy: They're all tons of fun!

Widget: But there can only be one winner!

Walden: We hope...!

WWW&D: The winner is.....!

::Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500 slices over the envelope & pulls out the card::

Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500: The Acorn Café!

::The crowd applauds as Indy returns from stage left to the podium, where another trophy awaits::


Indy: I’ll say it often—this is an award that all of us have earned. The Cafe is—well, I’m looking at it right now. It’s out there, in the seats in front of me. It’s here on stage, and yet it’s more.


::The audience claps::


Indy: First thanks go out to Stephen Clouse for hosting us for all these years—Mr. Chairman, you’re tops. Our great band of moderators—Jeff, Fram, Ray, RR—you’re out there keeping the peace, especially Fram. Great job, guys.


And then there’s all the writers, artists, archivists, organizers, veterans, newbies, pros, antis, and so many more. If there’s a community with a richer heritage, I’ve yet to see it. There may be some that are larger, but I’ll put ours up against all comers. And for that confidence, I thank you.

::Indy walks off stage waving. Wubbzy, Walden & Daizy start to walk off stage waving as well when they notice that Widget & the robot aren't with them::

Wubbzy: Uh... Widget? We're done! Aren't you coming?

Widget: In a sec, little buddy! (turns to the audience) Congratulations to the winner!

::She presses the remote again & the robot goes into celebration mode. This includes, streamers, flags, horns playing music, sparklers, etc::

WW&D: Wow....!

Widget: And now for the finale!

::She presses the button again. The head to the robot bends backwards to reveal tiny rocket launchers. Tiny fireworks launch into the air & explode above the stage. ::

::the audience is impressed giving various oohs & ahhs::

::The final sets of rocket fireworks launch from the robot... & catch the top of the stage on fire::

Widget: Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen!

Walden: Didn't you calculate the height of the stage?!

Widget: I thought we were gonna be on the deck.

::Chip jumps out of his chair in the audience::

Chip: We got an emergency here, Rangers! Everyone stay calm! We'll begin by forming a bucket brigade using ocean water &...


::Per Disney fire code, the sprinkler system kicks in & soaks everyone... The robot begins to rust & stops launching fireworks just as the fire is put out::

::After everyone is completely soaked, the sprinklers turn off. Widget rings the water out of her ears::

Widget: Sorry about that everyone...

Daizy: My dress is ruined!

Walden: Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 4500 next year, eh?

::Widget gives a nervous laugh & pushes the rusted robot off stage. Walden, Wubbzy & Daizy follow::

Wubbzy: Thanks, everybody! Remember to watch our show! See ya next year!

::He looks off stage as Indy walks up behind Pupspals with his arms crossed::

Wubbzy: ... we hope!

::The four come offstage, smile & wave at Indy, then run as fast as they can to get away. Pupspals slowly turns to confront Indy::

Pupspals: We almost got through without anything chaotic happening...

Indy: Almost. Let's just hope we don't get everyone's dry cleaning bills!


::Indy grabs a walkie-talkie::


Indy: Jonny—yeah, me. Tell the staff we need a quick cleanup…