Best Drama


::The orchestra plays Midnight Man by Flash & the Pan while Midnight and Dawn enter the stage from the audience, walking hand in hand. Their attire is as usual, Midnight is wearing a black shirt, black pants, a white dinner jacket, and a matching white tie, and Dawn is dressed in her black evening gown with a white collar which doubles as a neckholder. The two mice stop on both sides of the desk::


Midnight: Well, some of you haven't had the chance to see the last two Golden Acorn Awards. For you, and also for everyone else, here's a little special effects trick. Behold the...


::The lights on the stage go out with the exception of the black light which is illuminating the stage now. The visual impression of Midnight and Dawn is reduced to all that is white on them, their eyeballs, Dawn's collar, and Midnight's suit and tie::


Midnight: light!


Dawn: Hasn't this grown a bit corny by now, Midnight?


Midnight: Try to convince the folks at the lights, they asked me if they could do it again. Okay, you can switch back now!


::Upon Midnight's order, the lights are turned on again. To Midnight and Dawn's surprise, someone is sitting on the desk, a mouse with long blond hair and a striking resemblance to Gadget and Lawhiney, but she is neither of them. She is wearing a long straight sleeveless blue silk dress and a pair of matching long gloves. The audience didn't see her when the lights were out because she is sitting with her back to them. Midnight and Dawn stand and stare at her::


Midnight: This shouldn't really surprise me, actually. (addresses to the audience) Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Dawn van Zant from Cape Suzette, Usland.


::Ms. van Zant motions Midnight to be a gentleman and help her down from the desk, making Dawn the slightest bit jealous.::


Ms. van Zant: And did it surprise you?


Midnight: I expected you to show up, one way or another.


Dawn: May I say something, too?


Midnight: (leans onto the desk to look past Ms. van Zant) Of course you may, Dawn.


Ms. van Zant: If you can't help it, go ahead.


Dawn: What in the name of my grandfather is this mouse doing here, where did she come from, and why does she have the very same name as me?


Midnight: Oh right, you can never remember when she's been here. In fact, nobody but me can. Ever. Okay, she's probably here to tell me... (turns to Ms. van Zant) This is your cue.


Ms. van Zant: Well, let's start with the more important things. This guy here promised to write me into another story. That was two years ago. It still didn't happen. It had better happen this year, or else...


Midnight: Or else what?


Ms. van Zant: Do you really believe I'll tell you in advance? This will be a surprise all right! (turns back to the audience) So, now that this is said and done, more said than done actually, I'd like to say hi to my look-alikes. You're coming back to Cape Suzette soon, Gadget? Don't forget to bring your friends! (glances about) Oh, and whom have we got there? Miss Katie Dodd! Awww, and look how she's fuming because she bought that expensive dress only to find out I'm wearing the same one tonight. Well, had she been six minutes faster than me, it'd be her who would've bought it first and not me.


Dawn: Midnight, this is our presentation, and she's your character! Make her stop!


Ms. van Zant: No need to panic... Dawwwwwn...


Dawn: I'm not panicking. Dawwwwwn!


Midnight: I swear, if someone creates yet another blond mouse character named Dawn van Zant, and she comes and hijacks my presentations, I'll quit this job and join the orchestra. (points at the audience) And this is not a challenge, my dear writer colleagues!


Ms. van Zant: I'm done here anyway. See you... when you expect it the least!


::Ms. van Zant waves at the audience and walks away from the desk, but Midnight grabs her by her other wrist.::


Midnight: You're not getting away that easily. Not this time. Not before we're done, too.


::For a few seconds, nobody says a word. Midnight and Ms. van Zant just stare at each other, and Dawn stares at the two.::


Midnight: Um... poof? Shouldn't you vanish into thin air now like you always seem to do backstage?


Ms. van Zant: I'm an archaeologist, not a magician. Okay, if you want me to stay, I'll stay. Under one condition.


Midnight: Let me take a wild guess. I write the first chapter of Too Huge Too right here and now?


Ms. van Zant: No. You just quit calling me Ms. van Zant. I'm Dawn, just simply Dawn.


Dawn: Hey, I'm Dawn! Um, too!


Ms. van Zant: See, you've got twice as much Dawn tonight. A double dose of Dawn, so to speak. Now what award are you giving away? Best Drama, I heard?


Midnight: This is slowly growing into a drama, too. Anyway, yes, it's Best Drama. I think this is typical for the Rescue Rangers fan community, almost every story beyond the length of a short story turns into a drama sooner or later. And this is the more likely, the longer the story gets. It seems to be impossible to steer clear of a certain amount of pain and angst and turmoil and heart-wrenching.


Ms. van Zant: Yes, Too Huge To Be True went drama somewhere in the middle, too. I'm glad I wasn't part of that part. What'd you say what it was intended to be?


Midnight: A crossover comedy adventure.


Dawn: He's hardly different in real life, Dawn.


Ms. van Zant: Really?


Dawn: When I think back to the time before we were a couple, especially New Year's Eve 2006... Yes, his life is often a drama, too. It's not a wonder what happens to his stories. Y'know, I was with him when he planned Diamonds In The Desert. He said he was going to write a heist fic. As in action thriller. No, the first version was it was going to be a combination of heist fic and slapstick comedy. (takes the list from the desk) And now? (shows the list to Ms. van Zant) Look here, it's on the nominees list for Best Drama!


Ms. van Zant: Midnight, we need to talk about your writing.


Midnight: Who's "we?"


Dawn and Ms. van Zant: You and your two Dawns.


Midnight: I can hardly await it. But let's go on with the list. Dawn--this one (lays an arm around his girlfriend)--already gave away that my own Diamonds In The Desert is on the list of nominees, as are: Awakening by Zaptiftun and Mr. Spumoni.


Ms. van Zant: Tears for the Devil by Bubbles' Big Brother.


Dawn: Gliding Light by Lilacstarprint.


Midnight: 'Tomorrow' is for 'Never' by Gyrotank, and like my own story, it's nominated for the second time in a row.


Ms. van Zant: And last but not least, Burden of Honor by L. Cranston.


Midnight: Well, that's some tough competition, but the Best Drama competition is always tough, seeing as dramas are often the best Rescue Rangers fanfics and have been since '95. (takes an envelope from underneath the desk) And now for the moment we've all been waiting for. Who wants to open the envelope and say the name of the winner?


::Dawn and Ms. van Zant grab one end of the envelope each and rip it apart in the middle. The paper with the winner's name floats down into Midnight's hands.::


Midnight: I guess that's what they call teamwork. And the winner of the 2008 Golden Acorn Award for Best Drama is: “Tomorrow is for ‘Never’”, by Gyrotank!


::The moment Midnight Man announces the winner the curtain moves to the sides, all doors swing open and GYROTANK falls down on the stage from the ceiling. Unfortunately for him, he falls on his roof but the armour cap provides enough space between the hull and the stage for him to switch into another mode and gyrostabilize into a normal position::


GYROTANK (whistling cue dramatic music): Now that's what I call dramatic entrance...


::He switches back and drives up to the mike::


GYROTANK: Well, if the previous awards were unexpected, this one is twice that because, you see, the story I'm awarded for initially wasn't planned as drama but a comedy. Yes, a comedy based on infamous "Groundhog Day" principle. Its English working title was "Tomorrow Never Mice" (yes, I have working titles for English variants, too) and it was intended as a story with far brighter mood.


But, as it often happens, the appetite came while eating and the storyline just ran away from me and from the original concept. So far away, in fact, that the concept remains largely untouched and ready to be implemented in some another story. If it doesn't run away again, that is. Still, the very fact that I'm here tonight shows that changing of concept was probably a good thing, so if you ever encounter writer's block, try to tweak with the initial concept. Who knows what result it can yield? Thank you very much for votes and attention! Take care and best wishes!


::Midnight Man promptly attaches the award to GYROTANK's plunger and the machine rolls away from the stage::


Dawn: Well, this award went into the right hands, I say.


Midnight: Wait. You read our fan fiction?


Dawn: Sure, why not? I read yours, I liked them, and I was curious about other writers and their stories.


Midnight: Talking about which, there are still some story awards waiting to be handed out tonight. See you at the Café, and if not there, then at the next Golden Acorn Awards!


Dawn and Ms. van Zant (hook onto Midnight's arms): Good night, everyone!


::The three mice walk off the stage back to the audience. Stepping down the stairs, Midnight says another few words::


Midnight: See, Dr. Batorious, this is whom I meant. She is real! The other Dawn van Zant is real!


Dr. Batorious (via the speakers): I swear I've never seen this mouse before. And now on with the schedule.