Best Illustration Inspired by a Fanfic


::Monty walks onto the stage, a clipboard secured under his arm. He is wearing a tuxedo and a long, wide tie. A screen is lowered behind him::

Monty: Hello mates and welcome to the Golden Acorns. We have multiple great stories and pictures created every year. This category brings them both together loik mice and chuh..ese.

::The brief attack restrained, Monty continues::

Monty: The Best Illustration Inspired by a Fonfic. We had many contestants an' the competition was more fierce than teh foitin' at Somme. Why, oi remembah when Chip 'n Dale went against each otha...

::Chip makes a cutthroat gesture. Monty straightens his tie::

Monty: Anyway. Where was oi? Oh roit, nominations.

::The audience laughs::

Monty: This year's nominees for the Best Illustration are:

::A picture is shown on the screen::

Gadget (embarassed): Golly, that was an accident, really.

Monty: Duality by Trash

::The picture is switched for another::

::Both Chip and Gadget turn red::

Chip: Do they really need to show them here?

Monty: Icarus - The Kissing Scene by Gyrotank

Monty: Under the Bridge - Recontruction by Gyrotank

Monty: Widget by KomandoRR

Gadget: She sure is popular with the guys.

Chip: I just hope she won't be mad they're showing this...

Monty: Moment of Truth by t.s.

Monty: Byronic Hero by Toni

Monty: And... wait a moment. This shouldn't be here...

::Chip gulps::

Chip: I knew it! You've made her mad!

::Monty turns around and stares at the picture, eyes wide open in shock. He then proceeds to look around for fire exits, suddenly spotting Widget in the back row. She winks at him and the burly Australian calms down a bit::

Monty: Ladies and Gentleman, there's no need to panic. It was a false alarm. Please remain in your seats.

::Several attendees who were already on their way out, halt as crew from the Albacore begins pouring in through the exits. They quickly return to their seats::

Monty: Really, 'luv. You shouldn't do pranks like that.

::Widget just smiles triumphantly::

Monty: Roit, so now that the excitement is over, let's get back to the ceremony. The winner of this Year's Best Illustration is Trash, for the cover to “Tomorrow is for ‘Never’”! Congratulations mate!


::Trash comes up on stage::


Trash: I am very pleased to accept this award, but must share it with my inspiration, Gyrotank!


::The spotlight finds Gyrotank in the audience, who stands up as the audience applauds. Then all attention returns to Trash::


Trash: I really liked this story, and I tried to do a decent cover. It seems I have succeeded.


::Appreciative applause fill the theater as Trash takes his award and heads back to his seat. The Rangers wave to the crowd as they head offstage::