Best Website Maintainer


Announcer: And now... presenting ...

::Wubbzy walks out on stage::

Wubbzy: Wow wow, everybody!

Pupspals: (backstage whispering) Not yet!!

Wubbzy: Huh? Oh.. (he blushes) Oops! Sorry!

::he runs back offstage::

Announcer: ...Presenting the award for Best Website Maintainer & Best Website... The stars of season 2 of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!... Wubbzy, Widget, Walden & Daizy!

::the four toons walk out on stage waving at the audience::

Framwinkle: (from his seat - singing) One of these things is not like the other...

::Daizy sticks her tongue out at him as they settle around the podium::

Wubbzy: Wow wow, everybody!

Widget: Thanks for letting us present for a second year in a row! And for just such an occasion... I present:

::She pulls a remote out of her pocket & presses a button on it. A Robot as big as her & wearing a bow tie rolls out on stage:

Widget: ... the Super-Duper-Award-Presentor 3000! This little baby will help us present these two awards, No Problemo!

Audience: *GASP*

Wubbzy: ...this sounds familiar...

Walden: Now, Widget, you're not honestly going to use this thing again, are you?

Widget: Why not?

Walden: Remember what happened last year?!?!

Daizy: I don't.

Walden: Let's cut to a flashback...

::Last year's awards::

Widget: Activate the Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3000!

::She pushes the button on her remote again. However instead of doing what it was supposed to do (surprise surprise...) the lights blink faster & it starts to shake::

Robot: Must... present... award! Must... present... award!!

::The robot jumps into the audience stealing awards from those who've won them & giving it to others who haven't, offering his congratulations. But the giving quickly turns into shoving & throwing the awards at people's heads::

Monty: I told 'ya! Hit the deck!!

Widget: Ooops! That's not supposed to happen...

Pupspals: No kidding... Turn it off!

::Widget hits the button on the remote rapidly::

Widget: I'm trying! I'm trying!!

::The robot runs of out GA's to steal, so it starts to look for shiny award-like things to present instead. He grabs Buttons::

Buttons: Hey! Hands off! I'm not an award! ...although I am quite a prize...

::The robot starts to repeatedly hit Walden with Buttons::

Robot: Congratulations...(SMACK!) congratulations...(SMACK!) congratulations....(SMACK!)!


Walden: (rubs his head) I still have a headache from being hit with that robot dog!

Wubbzy: What happened to Eon Kid & Buttons anyway?

Walden: Last I heard they were taping season two of their show in Korea.

Wubbzy: Oh...

Widget: Aw, you don't have to worry about that fiasco happening again, Walden. I fixed him.

Walden: Really?

Widget: It was a simple logic error loop since he couldn't present the award he wanted to. It's been fixed! Consider it the Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500!

Walden: I don't know...

::Daizy looks off stage to where Pupspals is giving the "speed it up" signal::

Daizy: Maybe we should just read from the TelePrompTer.

Wubbzy: Great idea Daizy! (reads from machine) We at Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! use the web a lot!

Walden: From having the first video podcast for preschoolers with The Wubbcast...

Widget: the Wubblog...

Daizy: ... to the YouTube channels like WuzzleWuzzle...

Wubbzy: ... to WubbzyJen on Twitter...

Walden: ...we've found that websites can be lots of fun!

Widget: But none of those sites would be any fun without a good Website Maintainer!

Walden: Yes, Yes, Yes! No one would have any fun if the sites were disorganized, had broken links, or not focused on the right topic!

Daizy: These are the nominations for Best Website maintainer:

Widget: Tanka!

Wubbzy (dressed in shadowy cloaks & whispering): Silent Shadow!

Walden: and The Acorn Cafe Team!

Daizy: And the winner is...

::Daizy starts to open the envelope but Wubbzy stops her::

Wubbzy: I wanna open it!

Daizy: But I have the envelope!

Wubbzy: But I wanna open it!

Daizy: I want to open it!!

::they start to yell at each other::

Walden: Hey you two! You need to share! Why don't you open it together & read the winner out loud at the same time?!

Widget: Or they could just take turns. We are presenting two awards. One could read one & one could read the other.

Walden: But they need to learn to share!

Widget: Who cares about that now? Let's just get the award presented! Daizy's got the envelope so she'll do this one & Wubbzy does the next.

Walden: Now is as good a time as ever to learn to share! They can do it together!

Widget: Turns!

Walden: Together!

Widget: Turns!

::The two of them begin to argue on stage. Wubbzy & Daizy stare at their fight surprised.::

Wubbzy (whispering to Daizy): Uh... what do we do now?

Daizy (whispering to Wubbzy): I don't know!

::They both look offstage where Pupspals is motioning for them to just announce it themselves & hurry this along.::

Daizy: Oh! Right! Well the winner is....

Wubbzy: I'll say it!

Daizy: No, I'll say it!

::They start to tug of war over the envelope when a metal hand reaches down from above & snatches the envelope::

Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500: I'll do it.

::another arm comes out of the robot - armed with a sharp knife - & slices off the top of the envelope in one quick motion. Wubbzy & Daizy gulp, while this has caught the attention of Widget & Walden. The robot pulls out the paper::

Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500: The winner is... the Acorn Café Team!

Wubbzy: ::bouncing on his tail:: Wow wow WOW!!!

::The Super-Duper-Award-Presenter 3500 pulls out a Golden Acorn & gives it to Indy, who enters, stage left::

Indy: This award is a team award, and rightfully goes to us all—Jeff, Framwinkle, Ray and RangerReady, come on up!


::The other mods come up to the audience’s applause and wave. Indy offers the podium to them, but they offer it back to him::


Indy: Okay, then. Let me add that we’re glad that we’ve been able to serve you, the Rangerphiles, as well as we have. It’s not always an easy job, and a lot goes on behind the scenes that you’ll never see. But in the end, this community makes it worth it. Thank you all!

::The Acorn Café Team walks offstage waving, while the Wubbzy Team stays for the next award::